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Protective Clothing

Wholesale Safety Labels has a complete line of Protective clothing for all workplace environments.  We promote Dupont, Kimberly-Clark, Zenith, and many more.  If you don't see the item you require, please call or email us for a free quote.  Sold in Packs of 25 for Coveralls and 30 for Lab Coats.  If you require lower volumes, Call or email us for a free quote.

SMS Protective Clothing

• Three layer polypropylene SMS (spun-bonded, melt-blown, spun-bonded)

• Offers protection against toxic particles and water-based liquids

• Double outer layer offers greater protection against tearing and abrasion

• Lightweight and flexible fabric permits superior comfort and breathability

• Colour: White (Hooded coveralls, No Hood Coveralls, Lab Coats ) 

Coveralls available with Elastic wrists and ankles or standard.  Sold in Packs of 25 for Coveralls and 30 for Lab Coats.  Comes in sizes Medium to 3X-Large.

Coveralls as low as $4.65 each and Lab Coats as low as $3.95 each.

• Fabric weight: 1.80 oz/yd2 (60 grams)

Applications: Food processing, laboratories/pharmaceutical, light oil and grease,

maintenance, manufacturing/assembly, refineries/chemical producers.

SMS Disposable Coveralls | Wholesale Safety Labels
Wholesale Safety Labels - Disposable Lab Coats

Microporous Protective Clothing

• Microporous film laminated to a polypropylene substrate

• Offers protection against liquid, dust and light chemical splashes

• High quality microporous fabric provides comfortable fit and breathability

• Can be used in dry and wet work environments

• Passed penetration tests with Diazinon, motor oil, bleach, isocyanate

based paint, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite and blood

• Fabric weight: 1.85 oz/yd2 (63 grams)

• Colour: White Coverals come with Hood or without, and Elastic wrists and ankles.

Sold in packs of 25 and come in sizes Small to 3X-Large.  As low as $4.75 / Coverall.

Applications: Asbestos and lead abatement, clean rooms, radioactive dirt and dust,

printing, refineries/chemical producers, maintenance, crime scenes, painting.

Microporous Disposable Coveralls | Wholesale Safety Labels

Coated SMS Hooded Coverall

Our SMS garments are made of a three-layer, spunbond/melt blown/spunbond material.  Coating now allows for superior splash resistance while keeping the worker cool and comfortable.  Now you get the best of both worlds, protection and economical pricing in the same package.

SMS provides a fluid and particulate barrier to protect the worker without sacrificing mobility and comfort. Garments constructed of 60 gram SMS fabric are strong and durable, yet offer outstanding comfort, breathability, and softness.  SMS garments can be used in but are not limited to industrial facilities, laboratories, research and clinical facilities, pharmaceutical facilities, food processing facilities, construction and abatement sites and certain hazardous and non-hazardous sites.  Sold in Cases of 25 in Large - 4XL.


Coated SMS Hooded Coverall | Wholesale Safety Labels

Tyvek® Coveralls by Dupont

• The best balance of protection, durability and comfort

• Inherent barrier protection against dry particulate hazards

• Even after abrasion, stops sub-micron particles better than reusable garments

• Available in 4 Styles, Hooded and Non Hooded, Elastic wrists and ankles, or no elastic.

Sold in sizes Medium to 3X-Large and in packages of 25.  Prices as low as $7.00 per Coverall.


General maintenance/operations, spray painting, lead

abatement, environmental cleanup, asbestos abatement,

agriculture, food processing, mold remediation, micro

crystalline silica.

Tyvek® Coveralls by Dupont | Wholesale Safety Labels

Venom Heavy-Duty Coveralls

  • Venom® coveralls provide head to toe protection.

  • Made from a microporous breathable laminate material.

  • Added hood protects head while tough, abrasion-resistant fabric breathes for comfort.

  • Elastic wrist and ankles.

  • Individually Packaged 

  • Available in Sizes: L/XL or XXL

  • Priced / Package and sold 24 Case

Venom Heavy-Duty Coveralls | Wholesale Safety Labels

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