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Enpac Spill Solutions

Ultra-Spilldeck Bladder Systems

• Hidden containment bladder automatically unfurls to capture large spills or drum leaks • Low profile, rugged, double layer polyethylene containment decks • Low 5" deck height allows safe and convenient drum loading, even without drum handling equipment • Meets EPA container storage regulations 40 CFR 264.175 and Uniform Fire Code Spill Containment regulations

UltraTech Ultra-Spilldeck Bladder Systems | Wholesale Safety Labels

Enpac Spillpal Flexible Workstations

• Provides incidental spill control during temporary storage of equipment • Can be used as a washdown pad or pumping station • Alternative to hard plastic pallets

• Features 3" high foam sidewalls that spring back into place after any type of pressure is applied • Folded unit ships easily

• When not using, store on a shelf, freeing up valuable floor space • Easy drive-in and drive-out with a hand truck or forklift

Enpac Spillpal Flexible Workstations | Wholesale Safety Labels

Enpac Workstations 

• Tough, 1-piece polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode • Low profile design and optional ramp make it easy to load • Forkliftable when empty • Large sump capacity catches incidental spills • Removable heavy-duty structural foam grates for easy cleaning • Multi-Purpose Work Ramp hooks onto any Workstation for easy loading

Link-Lock multiple Workstations together in a wide variety of configurations • Made of 100% polyethylene

Enpac Workstations | Wholesale Safety Labels
Enpac Link-Lock | Wholesale Safety Labels

Enpac Poly-Spillpad Pads

• Handles spent batteries, 5-gallon pail, 16 US gallon drums and your small jobs • Sturdy chemically resistant fabric provides protection, while an inner polyethylene beam keeps incidental spills contained • Lightweight and easily moved on floor or travels to prevent incidental spills • Large sump area allows for an extended response time • Removable 100% polyethylene grate allows easy access to sump

Enpac Poly-Spillpad Pads | Wholesale Safety Labels

Ultra-Containment Tray®

  • Versatile secondary containment for small containers and packages

  • Low profile is perfect for spill containment of 5-gallon pails, batteries, safety cans, dry cleaning waste drums and leaky machine parts

  • All polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode

  • Meets EPA Container Storage Regulations for small packages with grating in place

  • Length: 54", Width: 29.8". Height: 3.5"

  • Spill Capacity: 14 US gal and comes in Black or Safety Yellow

Ultra-Containment Tray® | Wholesale Safety Labels


• All the same great benefits of the standard hardcover and Spillpallets™ but in an ECO-friendly version • Made from up to 100% recycled material

Ideal for indoor/outdoor storage of 55 US gallon drums • Roll-top design allows it to be used in limited space or next to buildings where swing-open doors would be a problem • Top or front loadable • Poly-Ramp available to assist in the loading of drums • Comes with Drain in 2 or 4 Drum Versions

Enpac ECO DRUM HARDCOVER & SPILLPALLET | Wholesale Safety Labels

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