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Master Lock Lockout Devices

Master Lock Seal Tight Ball Valve Lockouts

• Compact, lightweight, flexible and easy to use, the Seal Tight valve lockout works on virtually every valve size and applications • Eliminates the risk of accidentally moving a handle by removing it and concealing the stem

• Effectively locks out all valves from 3/8" to 4", thus eliminating specific valve lockout systems • Simple to apply, with an intuitive wrapping strap and locking mechanism • Works on virtually all valves; metal and PVC, insulated pipes, ceiling or wall-mounted pipes and hard to reach valves 

Master Lock Ball Valve Lockouts | Wholesale Safety Labels

Cinch Sacs – Large Electrical Connectors

• Offers broad application solutions sized at 7" diameter by 17" tall

• Insert PVC tubing to block access to control buttons for hoist control lockout • Flexible and durable rip-stop nylon bag fits easily in safety tool boxes • Lock out with up to six padlocks or hasps

• Trilingual lock out warning printed on bag.

Master Lock Cinch Sacs – Large Electrical Connectors | Wholesale Safety Labels

Seal Tight Handle-On Ball Valve Lockouts

• Patent-pending innovative design locks out the ball valves from 1/4" to 4" • Constructed of metal alloy, this lockout device withstands corrosive environments and operates in extreme temperatures

• Works in virtually all ball valve installations – metal and PVC valves, insulated pipes, and pipes with tight access due to close proximity to other valves, pipes or structures • Works with all Master Lock® and American Lock® safety padlocks and safety hasps.

Adjustable Cable Lockouts

• Infinitely adjustable for a secure fit every time • Integrated, single-piece safety hasp and cable for ease-of-use • Ideal for both multiple circuit breaker panel and side-by-side gate valve lockouts

• Tough, lightweight, Zenex thermoplastic body withstands chemicals; performs effectively in extreme conditions

• Custom cable lengths available

Seal Tite Ball Valve Lockouts | Wholesale Safety Labels
Master Lock Adjustable Cable Lockouts | Wholesale Safety Labels

Universal Wall Switch Lockouts

• Prevent unintentional toggling of wall switch to "ON" position

• One-time installation uses the existing wall plate screws • Hinges open for unobstructed normal operation switch • Lock the switch in either the "ON" or "OFF" position by closing the cover over the switch, then applying padlock • Locks out both toggle and decor paddle wall switches.

Universal Wall Switch Lockout | Wholesale Safety Labels

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