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Enpac Salvage Drums

Poly-Overpack® 20 & 30 Salvage Drums

• Versatile units that can contain solids and sludges with security • Nestable for compact shipment • 1/2-turn lid for easy opening and closing • Built-in shoulder for easy handling • UN rated salvage drums

Poly-Overpack Enpac Salvage Drums | Wholesale Safety Labels

Enpac Poly-Overpack® 65 Salvage Drums

• Appropriate for 30 US gallon drums • Nests for easy storage

• Gasket in the lid for secure containment • Can be used as a spill kit container • Light enough for one person to handle and large enough to pack sufficient absorbent for incidental spills

• Meets Group 1 packaging standards, salvage drum regulation • Meets performance-oriented packaging requirements of US DOT and UN regulations

Enpac Poly-Overpack® 65 Salvage Drums | Wholesale Safety Labels

Enpac Poly-Overpack® 95 Salvage Drums

Lightweight polyethylene Overpack can contain a broad range of hazardous chemicals including acids & corrosives! • Damaged and deformed drums can be overpacked easily • Twist on lid with a closed cell polyethylene gasket can be closed securely and easily by using any long object, like a two-by-four • Accepts all 55 US gallon drums • Meets performance-oriented packaging requirements of U.S. DOT 49 CFR 173.3 and UN 1H2/X226/S regulations as well as Group 1 packaging standards and salvage drum regulations • Molded area allows for easy gripping and pick-up by material handling equipment.  Larger sizes available, call for details.

Enpac Poly-Overpack® 95 Salvage Drums | Wholesale Safety Labels

Enpac Wheeled Overpack® Salvage Drums

• First mobile 1-piece Overpack® that can handle 55 US gallon drums

• Salvage drum and dolly all in one, eliminates the need for a separate dolly • UN rated salvage drums, ideal for spill kits • Built-in handles and 6" wheels allow for easy maneuverability • Easy steering through doorways and around obstacles • Polyolefin wheels recommended for indoor use and pneumatic wheels for outdoor use.  Available in 50 or 95 Gallon Cap.

Enpac Wheeled Overpack® Salvage Drums | Wholesale Safety Labels

Enpac Drum/Overpack® Lifters

• A safe method of moving 45 and 75 gallon steel drums • Design allows for quick, gentle loading drum stays upright during lift • Low-profile clamp design on 45-gallon lifter lowers open (lid must be on) or closed head steel drums all the way to bottom of overpack

• 70-gallon Overpack® lifter picks up both 70-gallon steel Overpack® drums and 45-gallon steel drums • Universal DA876 handles many lever-lock closure fibre drums, typical steel drums and 45-gallon rimmed plastic drums

• Handling capacity: 1000 lbs.

Enpac Drum/Overpack® Lifters | Wholesale Safety Labels

Enpac Spill Scooter 

• 100% polyethylene construction • Contains incidental spills and drips

• Spout included for easy draining • Holds up to 55 US gallon drums

• Optional metal T-handle available separately, 36 5/8" long

• 34 1/2" diameter x 9" high • 500-lb load bearing capacity

• 11 US gallon capacity

Enpac Spill Scooter | Wholesale Safety Labels

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