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Enpac Drum/Overpack® Lifters
• A safe method of moving 45 and 75 gallon steel drums 
• Design allows for quick, gentle loading drum stays upright during lift 
• Low-profile clamp design on 45-gallon lifter lowers open (lid must be on) or closed head steel drums all the way to bottom of overpack • 70-gallon Overpack® lifter picks up both 70-gallon steel Overpack® drums and 45-gallon steel drums 
• Universal DA876 handles many lever-lock closure fibre drums, typical steel drums and 45-gallon rimmed plastic drums 
• Handling capacity: 1000 lbs.
Model     Mfg.                                                                 Wt. 
No.         No.          Description lbs. 
DA224    90S         45-Gal. Lifter                                    21
DA225    90S-A     75-Gal. Overpack®/ 45-gal. Lifter    22
DA876    92           Universal Lifter                                 25
DC094 92-SS        Stainless Steel Universal Lifter         25

Enpac Drum/Overpack® Lifters

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