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Sweeping Compound & Brooms

Dust Buster Sweeping Compound​

  • A premium grade formula of absorbing agents, oil-based, to eliminate dust in the air

  • Reduces dust while sweeping wood and concrete floors in warehouses and factories

  • Available in 2 Sizes:  22.7-kg Carton Wt. lbs.: 50

  • 140-kg Drum Wt. lbs.: 309.  Ships via Motor Freight

  • Prices start at $21.00 f0r Small and $118.00 for large drums.

Dust Buster Sweeping Compound​ | Wholesale Safety Labels

Absorb-N-Dry® Absorbent

• Traditional clay based absorbent

• Very cost effective for every day spills

• Granular mesh size creates a safe non-slip work surface

Available in 50 lb. Bags.

Absorb-N-Dry® Absorbent | Wholesale Safety Labels

Lobby Dust Pans with Lobby Brooms

• Features a 4" x 11" plastic hopper that hugs the floor for maximum pickup, attached to a strong but light aluminum handle with ergonomic grip • Dimensions: 37" W x 13" D x 11" H

Lobby Dust Pans with Lobby Brooms | Wholesale Safety Labels

Litter Catches

• Constructed from a water-resistant and tear-resistant woven poly material • Excellent for cleaning parking lots, warehouses, schools and much more.

Available as a complete unit.  Replacement Bag sold seperately.


Litter Catches | Wholesale Safety Labels

Track Brooms with Chisel

• Heavy-duty broom ideal for hard cleaning of debris in garages, warehouses and construction sites • Heavy-duty forged steel chisel is designed to chip away at ice and dried mud with ease

• Coarse polypropylene fibers easily remove heavy debris from uneven surfaces and are oil-resistant • 9" sweeping path

Counter Brushes

• Horsehair and synthetic fibres block out moisture • Great for sweeping fine dust and dirt particles from smooth industrial surfaces • Soft polypropylene bristles and blocks are ideal for collecting the finest debris • All-synthetic construction

• Great for high humidity and wet environment

To order:  (Click on Below Images)

Track Brooms with Chisel | Wholesale Safety Labels
Counter Brushes | Wholesale Safety Labels
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