Acid & Caustic Spill Kits

Small Lab Acid & Battery Acid Spill Kit

Safely absorbs and neutralize small amount of acids. Sorbent pads absorb roughly 1.5L of concentrated acid or neutralized liquid. Hazkleen ACD powder safety neutralizes a variety of acids including 1L of sulphuric acid 96%, 1.3L of phosphoric acid 85%, 1.9L of nitric acid 70%, 2.8L of hydrochloric acid 32% and 4L of battery acid.


Large Battery Acid Spill Kit

This kit will neutralize up to 32 liters of battery acid. The universal sorbents will absorb up to 23 liters of acid or neutralized liquids.
Kit contains: 
4 4kg HazKleen ACD powder neutralizer with color indicator 
3 universal sorbent socks, 20 universal sorbent pads 
2 pair gloves, 2 pair goggles, 3 disposal bags 
2 Tyvek suits, 1 instruction guide

Economy Mercury Spill Kit

Includes: 1 750g mercury neutralizer, 1 180g mercury vapor suppressant, 2 pair nitrile gloves, 1 dust mask, 1 pair Tyvek boots, 3 syringes, 1 dustpan with brush, 1 spray bottle,

3 disposal bags

Note:  Custom Kits available upon request.

Small Caustic Lab Spill Kit

Used to neutralize small spills of various caustics. The mini absorbent pads will absorb approximately 1.5 L of concentrated caustics or neutralized liquid. The Hazkleen CST powder will neutralize, 1.8lt of sodium hydroxide 50%, 2.16 L of potassium hydroxide 45% and 3.6 L of ammonium hydroxide 30%.

Note:  Larger or Custom Kits available.  Email us your requests.

Small Lab Acid  & Battery Acid Spill Kit  | Wholesale Safety Labels
Large Battery Acid Spill Kit  | Wholesale Safety Labels
Economy Mercury Spill Kit  | Wholesale Safety Labels
Small Caustic Lab Spill Kit  | Wholesale Safety Labels

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