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Master Lock Lockout Supplies

Lockout Accessories

Master Lock has a complete lineup of Lockout Accessories for your Company's Lockout Program. 

Lockout Hasps are sold in packs of 2.  Valve Lockouts, Electrical Plug Lockouts, Breaker Lockouts, Ball Valve Lockouts, and all other Accessories are sold per item.  

Experience has shown it should take less than 15 seconds to access lockout equipment. Keeping the necessary equipment close and easily accessible by authorized personnel saves time, eliminates excuses, and helps prevent damages and injuries.  The Rapid Access to Lockout Equipment assessment and training, which utilizes value-added Lean principles and 5S organizational techniques, identifies efficient and effective lockout equipment access. Utilizing established lockout procedures, deployment strategies are developed to determine the placement of lockout equipment. These strategies help workers to quickly and consistently protect themselves.


Note:  We strive to provide our customers the lowest prices possible.  In order to get these great wholesale prices, we require minimum orders of $80.00 on Lockout Products.  See Free Offers for Savings.  OK to combine with other Workplace or PPE Safety categories to meet these minimums. 


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