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Safety Gas Containers

Eco® Safet Gas Cans

• The safest, most environmentally-friendly cans available

• Uses patented DuPont® Laminar Technology resulting in a permeation level well below the CARB required rate of 0.40 grams/gallon/day

• Equipped with a self-venting spout that automatically shuts off when the gas tank is full • Rustproof, unbreakable and non-corroding

• ULC and CSA approved

Safety Containers | Wholesale Safety Labels

Jerry Cans by Scepter

• Made from high-density polyethylene • Lightweight, crushproof design with extra headspace built-in to accommodate expansion • User-friendly "easy pour" design, self-venting spouts and child-resistant closures

• Cans are rustproof, unbreakable and non-corroding

• 5 US gallon available in two colours; red for gasoline and yellow for diesel

• Self-venting Eco® spout (SAK867, sold separately) automatically shuts off when gas tank is full • SAK857 is a combo can, gasoline and oil

• ULC and CSA approved

Jerry Cans by Scepter | Wholesale Safety Labels

Flo n' Go Maxflo Combo Jerry Cans

• Siphon pumps gas in any direction for easy, clean fill-ups in hard-to-reach fuel tanks • Combo also comes with a 25-L (6.6 Gal.) fuel can

• At-the-handle pump control allows for auto shut-off and restarts, as well as clean, hassle-free siphon control 

Flo n' Go Maxflo Combo Jerry Cans | Wholesale Safety Labels

Flo n' Go DuraMax Fuel Containers

• Large, portable fuel container on wheels designed for industrial, commercial, and recreational applications • High density polyethylene resistant to corrosion and denting • Sturdy 6" wheels and extra-deep patented gas pump handle allows you to eliminate spillage and overfills • Flow rate of 2 GPM in siphon mode • Two shut-off valves make it safe and easy to disconnect the pump for refilling and transportation

• Includes: 14 Gal. (53-L) fuel container with the patented Flo n' go Maxflosiphon/pump and 10' (3 m) hose

Stop Flow Safety Spouts

• Convenient, easy-to-use spout that reduces the amount of fuel spills

• Push down to engage the spout to pour and lift to close the spout when finished

Flo n' Go DuraMax Fuel Containers | Wholesale Safety Labels
Stop Flow Safety Spouts | Wholesale Safety Labels

Water Containers by Scepter

• 20-L (5.3 Gal.) capacity

• Polyethylene

• Crushproof

• Rustproof

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Water Containers by Scepter | Wholesale Safety Labels
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