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Shelving Labels and Holders

Label Holders - HOLDEX Self Adhesive or Magnetic

• Clearly identify your shelf/bin contents with the efficient and time-saving Aigner holders • Versatile, highly protective, easy to read, and even custom designed with a special matte finish making bar code applications easy • Ideal for all types of racking, shelving and bin/drawer storage systems • Labels provided • Sold in packages of 12

Label Holders - HOLDEX Self Adhesive or Magnetic | Wholesale Safety Labels

SUPERSCAN - Self Adhesive and Magnetic Holders

• Available in 3 extra large sizes for pallet racking installation

• Clear plastic matte finish assures precise bar code reading everytime

• Inserts are laser ink jet printer compatible for easy labeling

• Colour: Clear

Available in 3 Sizes and sold in Packs of 50

SUPERSCAN - Self Adhesive and Magnetic Holders| Wholesale Safety Labels

Magnetic Card Holders

• Fast, simple and versatile means of labeling • Great for metal racks, shelves, bins, drawers, and more • Insertable magnetic C channel design allows for labels to be changed simply by re-marking the paper insert or repositioning the magnet • Colour: Black

Note:  We offer custom labeling solutions on Magnetic Materials and other signage for your large-scale Warehouse Labelling needs.  Email us your projects for a quick quote on Labels and installation services.

Magnetic Card Holders| Wholesale Safety Labels
Magnetic Barcode Labels | Wholesale Safety Labels


• Snap-on holders easily and quickly identify stored contents

• Clear, flexible plastic sleeves fit new or existing wire shelving with 1 1/4" facing; paper inserts included

Available in 3 popular sizes in 25/ Box for Small sizes and 12 for Large Size

Wire-Rac| Wholesale Safety Labels

Slip 'N Stik Aisle Signs

• Create your own customised warehouse signs

• Built-in flexible hinge prevents breakage • Included: 10 sign holders (11" x 8 1/2"), 12 yellow laser/ink jet sheets and instructions  

• Snaps into pallet rack assembly holes, can snap out to relocate

Slip 'N Stik Aisle Signs| Wholesale Safety Labels

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