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Fall Protection Products

3M DBI Sala Construction Roofer's Kit

• Reusable roof anchor installs to sloped or flat wood and metal decking roofs, resists corrosion, includes a hinged design with D-Ring • Durable and lightweight corrosion resistant rope grab with attached 2ft shock absorber; includes a built in gravity latch for added security • 50ft polyester/polypropylene 5/8" lifeline with Snap hook at one end, sewn termination at the other end • Kit specifications: 100% durable and lightweight polyester, vest style 5-point harness • Harness Capacity: 310 lbs. • Harness Size: Universal • Harness approval: CSA • Roof Anchor Capacity: 310 lbs. • Roof Anchor Approval: ANSI • Rope Grab Capacity: 310 lbs.

• Rope Grab Approval: CSA • Lifeline Approval : CSA


3M DBI Sala Construction Roofer's Kit | Wholesale Safety Labels

Rope Lifelines

• 16 mm (5/8") diameter, polyester sheath with polypropylene core

• Tensile strength: 2540 kg (5600 lbs.) • Zinc plated stamped steel hook

• Net weight: 5.6 lbs. (25 kg).

Rope Lifelines | Wholesale Safety Labels

Roof Anchors

• 5000-lb anchorage point can be reused • Forged alloy D-ring

• Painted steel construction • Includes twenty 16D nails for single use

• Total weight: 3 lbs

Autolocking Carabiner

• Drop forged, D-shaped, 5000-lb. anchorage point

• Easy one-hand operation

• Self-locking • 3/4" gate opening

• ANSI, CSA, CE approved

Autolocking Carabiner D-shaped, 5000-lb. anchorage point | Wholesale Safety Labels
Roof Anchors | Wholesale Safety Labels

Compliance in a Can Fall Protection Kits


• A complete CSA compliant fall protection system in one handy container • Harnesses are certified to CSA standard Z259.10, Class A • Lanyards are certified to CSA standard Z259.11, Class E4

2199820 Vest style harness with pass-thru connections 6' shock absorbing lanyard with 2 locking snap hooks

Cobra Rope Grabs

• Constructed of high impact resistant steel • Operates in automatic or manual mode • Can be used on approved horizontal rope systems • Can be removed and reattached to a rope at any point during traverse • Designed for use with nylon or polyester rope • Accommodates 5/8" (16 mm) rope

• Total weight: 1.75 lbs. (0.79 kg) • Certified to CSA standard

Available in 3 versions with optional Shock Absorber and Lanyards.


Compliance in a Can Fall Protection Kits 3M PROTECTA FALL PROTECTION | Wholesale Safety Labels
Cobra Rope Grabs | Wholesale Safety Labels

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