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Cobra Rope Grabs
• Constructed of high impact resistant steel
• Operates in automatic or manual mode
• Can be used on approved horizontal rope systems
• Can be removed and reattached to
rope at any point during traverse
• Designed for use with nylon or polyester rope
• Accommodates 5/8" (16 mm) rope
• Total weight: 1.75 lbs. (0.79 kg)
• Certified to CSA standard
Z259.2.1-98 (R2004)
AC202C Rope Grab
AC203C-SA2 Rope Grab with built-in 2' (0.61 m) Shock Absorber and Lanyard
AC203C-2SL Rope Grab with built-in 2 3/4' Polyester Web Lanyard

Protecta - Rope Grabs - 3 Styles

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