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Drum Trucks & Equipment

Drum Hand Trucks for Plastic & Fibre Drums

• All-welded, 1 1/4" tubular steel construction • Handles plastic and fibre drums from 18" to 25" in diameter and 24" to 41" in height

• Rolls on 10" front and 6" rear rubber-tired wheels • 2" ratchet strap secures drum in place • Capacity: 1000 lbs.

• Durable Kleton blue enamel finish

Drum Hand Trucks for Plastic & Fibre Drums | Wholesale Safety Labels

Low Profile Drum Trucks

• All-welded steel construction with 8" x 2" rubber wheels and a 4" non-marking rubber swivel caster for smooth movement and easy manoeuvrability • Ideal for moving full, open top 45 imp. gal./55 US gal. drums without spilling contents • With a low-level frame, only 1/2" from the ground, this truck allows for easy loading of drums

• Hinged handle moves forward and backward for easy pushing or pulling

• Capacity: 1000 lbs. • Quality powder coat finish • Shipped knocked down

Low Profile Drum Trucks | Wholesale Safety Labels

Mobile Drum Karriers

• Transports, rotates, tilts and drains fully loaded drums up to 800 lbs. • Easy to operate • Drum can be raised to a floor clearance of 5 1/8" to 11 1/2", automatically sets lock which prevents unintentional lowering • Tilt lock on each side of unit keeps drum in desired position • All-welded steel construction; 8" polyolefin wheels and 4" swivel caster for easy manoeuvrability • Weight: 106 lbs.

Morse Mobile Drum Karriers | Wholesale Safety Labels

Knocked-Down Drum Rockers

• Safe method for moving, draining and storing 45 imp. gal./55 US gal. drums • Two 3" non-sparking wheels and two 3" non-sparking swivel casters

• Removable handle • Capacity: 700 lbs. • Powder coat finish

• Shipped knocked down

Knocked-Down Drum Rockers | Wholesale Safety Labels

Drum Stacking Racks

• Rack holds two or three 45 Imp. gal./55 US gal. drums • Can be stacked up to three high • Conveniently stacks drums horizontally increasing space efficiency • Forklift access from all four sides • Optional mobile units available • Shipped knocked down

Drum Stacking Racks | Wholesale Safety Labels

Can Tippers

• Handles 5-gallon round pails

• Safety lever holds container in place

• Dispensing height of 11 1/2"

• Capacity: 75 lbs • Weight: 10 lbs

Can Tippers | Wholesale Safety Labels

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