Dremel Tools & Kits

Dremel® Engravers

This engraver is the perfect tool for personalizing and protecting your valuables.  Available replacement Carbide Point and Optional Diamond Engraving Point.


Dremel® MiniMite Cordless Rotary Tools

• Features two speeds and can be used with any Dremel® accessory bit with up to a 1/8" shank • Ideal performance for small craft projects • Lightweight and compact for precision and control • 4.8 V battery and charger.  Mfg. No. 7300-N/8

Dremel® Two-Speed Rotary Tool Kits

• Ideal for multiple applications on a variety of materials

• Two-speed control allows you to set your speed at 15 000 or 35 000 RPM • Includes: 1 attachment and 15 accessories

Mfg. No. 200-1/15

Dremel® Multi-Max Oscillating Tools

• Multi-tasking tool with fast side-to-side motion

• Optimal control, safe operation, high precision, minimal dust

• For cutting, grinding, sanding, scraping and grout removal

Mfg. No. MM30-03

Dremel® Cordless 12 V Lithium-ion Rotary Tools

• Fastest, strongest performing cordless rotary tool available

• Can be used with all Dremel® accessories and attachments

• Lithium-ion battery maintains charge up to two years while in storage Mfg. No. 8220-2/28

Dremel® 160 Piece Accessory Sets

Comes with re-useable storage case and 160 accessories

  • Can stand upright or hang on a wall by hook

  • Ideal for cutting, sanding, polishing, grinding, and carving

  • A complete start-up kit offering the breadth of accessories helpful for wide assortment of tasks

  • Clear lid and eight storage bins make accessories easy to locate

Dremel® Engravers
Dremel® MiniMite Cordless Rotary Tools
Dremel® Two-Speed Rotary Tool Kits
Dremel® Multi-Max Oscillating Tools
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Dremel® 160 Piece Accessory Sets

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