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Forklift Safety Products

Wholesale Safety Labels has access to all IRONguard Safety Products.  If you don't see the category you require, call or email us for a free Wholesale Quote.

Forklift Spotter™ Safe Zone LED Warning Lamp

Collisions between man and machine can be catastrophic.

IRONguard’s ForkliftSpotter™ Safe Zone can prevent these potentially lethal accidents.  This 360° Safe Zone provides a visual alert around the entire forklift, making it immediately clear to pedestrians, the safe distance to keep from the forklift.

The Forklift Rear Spotter projects a bright blue beam of light onto the floor behind the forklift alerting pedestrians of the oncoming vehicle well in advance.  Available in Front, Side or Rear Spotter versions.


Forklift Spotter™ Safe Zone LED Warning Lamp | Wholesale Safety Labels

IRONguard’s Forklift Dome Mirror

Offers 180° view and be installed in seconds with double-sided tape or a magnetic arm.


IRONguard’s Forklift Dome Mirror | Wholesale Safety Labels

IRONguard’s Forklift Battery Handling PPE Kit

Comes with everything needed to stay compliant and safe. Forklift batteries contain sulphuric acid which is a hazardous material and the MSDS information requires personnel to wear particular PPE. All the necessary equipment is in one box and the complete kit mounts conveniently on any wall, ensuring it is within easy reach.

IRONguard’s Forklift Battery Handling PPE Kit | Wholesale Safety Labels

Forklift Safe Bump Guard

Specifically designed for forklifts, these bumpers reduce damage in many applications. Safe-Bump attaches with two 100 lb magnets and (VHB) two way tape. The bumpers are made of soft PVC plastic that will absorb energy to prevent damage.

With Safe-Bump, one hit and they pay for themselves.

Safe-Bump can also be used anywhere on the forklift body to absorb impacts.


Forklift Safe Bump Guard | Wholesale Safety Labels

Forklift Backup Handles

Reduce back strain with the Ergo Back-up Handle.

Operators who are required to travel frequently in reverse often grab the overhead guard.  This is a dangerous practice and has resulted in serious injuries.  Eases back stress when turning around.  Fits any lift truck.  • Installs in minutes.

Forklift Backup Handles | Wholesale Safety Labels

Forklift Back-SavR by IRONguard Safety

Help Prevent Potentially Deadly Rearward Accidents

Year after year, statistics show more accidents and fatalities occurring when objects enter the standup industrial truck operator’s workzone. The Back–SavR is an innovative guard specially engineered to shield operators against a potential collision when backing up near racking systems.

Forklift Back-SavR by IRONguard Safety | Wholesale Safety Labels

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