Forklift Spotter™ Safe Zone LED Warning Lamp
Collisions between man and machine can be catastrophic.
IRONguard’s ForkliftSpotter™ Safe Zone can prevent these potentially lethal accidents.  This 360° Safe Zone provides a visual alert around the entire forklift, making it immediately clear to pedestrians, the safe distance to keep from the forklift.
The Forklift Rear Spotter projects a bright blue beam of light onto the floor behind the forklift alerting pedestrians of the oncoming vehicle well in advance.  Available in Front, Side or Rear Spotter versions.  Call for details.
UV-resistant polycarbonate lens
Mounting Hardware M10 - 1.5 x 20mm
Built tough: solid state LEDs can withstand shock & vibration
Long-lasting LEDs (30,000 Hour Service Life)
Rugged aluminum housing prevents rust & corrosion
12-48v DC Input
0.600 Amps @ 12v DC
0.300 Amps @ 24v DC
0.190 Ampes @ 36v DC
0.140 Amps @ 48v DC

Forklift Spotter™ Safe Zone LED Warning Lamp

SKU: 70-1095
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