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Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags

Our most Durable Property Asset Tags are made from Anodized Aluminum.  Text and graphics are permanently etched so that your Custom Tag will be scratch-proof, fade-resistant and can withstand harsh environments up to 10 years Outdoors and the life of your product Indoors.

Property ID Tags help enable asset management, protect against loss and theft, provide for maintenance tracking and facilitate insurance claims. Available in Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Red, Reverse Print Black, and Reverse Print Blue.  These colours are the most long-lasting to UV light in outdoor applications.  Made from .005 thick Anodized Aluminum with Permanent 3M adhesive for multiple surfaces.  Other colours, thicknesses, Bar Codes, QR Codes, and sizes available upon request.  Some versions come in strips of 10 tags for your convenience.

We will provide you a free quote for all of your custom requirements.  Email us all of your requirements for best pricing and for our Free Shipping options across North America.


Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags  | Wholesale Safety Labels
Metal Asset Tags

To order:

Specify wording, Starting Numbering, Bar Code Style, and if Logo is required.  Available in our most popular sizes:  1 - 1/2" x 3/4" and 2" x 3/4" and in either Bar Code 39 or 128 for greatest scanability.

Most popular colours are Black, Reverse Print Black, Red, Blue, Light Blue, and Reverse Print Light Blue. 

.3M Adhesive #468 is used for rough or textured non-plastic surfaces.

.Prices as low as 75 cents per Custom Tag. 

Sold per pack of 100 custom asset tags.


Product Offering.  Click on Label Colour You Require

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