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Welding Accessories

High Heat Hand Shields

• Aluminized PFR rayon reflects 95% radiant heat

• 5-ply DuPont® Kevlar® sewn and split cowhide backing for extra durability • Leather and elastic strap system • Sold individually

Available in Standard and Premium models

High Heat Hand Shields Welding Accessories | Wholesale Safety Labels

Magnifying Lenses

• Makes a welder's work easier and more comfortable

• Useful for precision welding jobs

• Offers optically balanced magnifications in 0.25 increments

• 2" x 4 1/4" Glass Lenses

Available from 0.75 to 3.00 Diopter Strength

Welding Magnifying Lenses | Wholesale Safety Labels

Wilson* Weld-O-Glass Welding Blankets

• 24-oz. black fibreglass, vermiculite coated

• Heavy-duty, general purpose welding blankets

• Provides protection from sparks, spatter and slag

• Temperature resistance: 1200 °F

• ANSI FM-4950 certified for use in vertical applications

Available in 3 Sizes:  3 x 3, 6 x 6, or 6 x 8 feet in Dimension

Wilson* Weld-O-Glass Welding Blankets | Wholesale Safety Labels

24-Oz. Fibreglass Lavashield Welding Blankets

• 24-oz. black fibreglass with neoprene coated on both sides

• Hemmed on all sides with Kevlar® thread that has been double-locked stitched • Large brass grommets added for extra durability and easy handling • Temperature resistance: 1000 °F (538 °C) Applications: Heavy-duty vertical curtain protection against sparks, molten metal splash, welding spatter and grinding spray. General purpose drop cloth for protection against welding spatter.

Available in 2 Sizes:  6 x 6, or 6 x 8 feet in Dimension

 Lavashield Welding Blankets | Wholesale Safety Labels

WeldSafe® No. 447 Anti-Fatigue Matting

• Dramatically reduces fatigue while withstanding the challenges of welding environments • Specially formulated to repel sparks and hot metal shards, the thick rubber surface has a melt point of over 500ºF

• The super resilient Nitricell® sponge base is a nitrile rubber composite that offers unparalleled comfort • All edges are safety bevelled • 3/8" thick • Green rating > 33% post industrial material • Colour: Black

WeldSafe® No. 447 Anti-Fatigue Matting | Wholesale Safety Labels

Comboframe Adjustable Modular Welding Screens

Innovative COMBOframe combines high durability with extreme versatility

• Made with heavy-duty finished steel tubing and connects with spring-pins

• Assembles in less than five minutes, no tools required • Adjustable to fit both 6' and 8'-wide welding screens • Includes 360° swivel connectors that allow various configurations

Lavashield Curtains 

• Specially formulated 16-mil thick vinyl • Grommets every 12" interval

• Screen edges are hemmed with DuPont® Kevlar® stitching

• Resists to UV rays, flame and abrasion • Sold per panel

Comboframe Adjustable Modular Welding Screens | Wholesale Safety Labels

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