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Sorbent Booms & Rugs

Oil Only Bilge Booms

• 100% polypropylene Sorbent Booms and Rugs

• Will not sink when fully saturated permitting easy retrieval • Can be used indoors or outdoors, and will not absorb water • Prevents odors by absorbing bacteria breeding oily residues.

Available in 5" or 8" W x 18" L and Sold by the Case

Sorbent Booms Oil Only or Universal

• Made of a durable spunbond sock and net filled with 100% polypropylene particulate • Oil only booms are used for marine spills, universal booms are used for large land spills.

• Durable rope runs between the sock and net allowing all tension to remain on the rope • Hooks and clips at ends and 18" provide overlap at connection points • Quick snaps provide easy handling and permit to attach multiple lengths together

• UV resistant for up to 12 months

• Oil only booms are made from 100% polypropylene, and absorb more than 25x their weight • Universal booms are made from a polypropylene and cellulose blend, and absorb more than 18x their weight • Polypropylene and cellulose blend absorption capacities far exceed those of 100% cellulose sorbents.  

Available 5" or  8" W x 120" L and sold 4/Case


Oil Only Bilge Booms  | Wholesale Safety Labels
Sorbent Booms Oil Only or Universal  | Wholesale Safety Labels

Rag Rugs

Rag Rug is made from recycled polypropylene and acrylic fibers making it an environmentally responsible product.

• Dark color hides the grunge from oil, solvents, coolants, and water without looking dirty.

• Save money on a mat that holds up to heavy foot traffic even when fully saturated.

• Absorbs 58 gallons of oil and 46 gallons of water

Measures 150' L x 36" W.  Available in Custom Widths and Length.


Spill Control Rag Rugs  | Wholesale Safety Labels

Oil Only Sweep

• Made of durable laminated polypropylene

• 2" nylon webbing for additional strength is added to the length of the sweep.  • Ideal for a marine spill, fine sheen, and surface spill removal.  • Sorbent sweep absorbs oil and repels water • Looping straps at each end to tie sweep across waterways or on boats for dragging.  • Easily attaches to sorbent booms.  

Measures 100' L x 19" W


Spill Control Oil Only Sweep  | Wholesale Safety Labels

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