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Master Lock Lockout / Tagout Stations

Wall mounted Lockout Stations are highly visible and allow for centralization of your lockout components.  Comes in 3 sizes and filled with Lockout Components or Empty.  Available in a Bilingual Format for the Canadian market.  Features 4, 10, and 20 Lock formats with 12, 24, and 48 Heavy Duty Bilingual Lockout Tags and 2 Lockout Hasps.  Available in 2 types of locks in order to fit your current Lockout Programs.  Zenex Safety Locks, and Anodized Aluminum American Locks.  Electrical Station available with 6 Locks, 1 hasp, 1 snap-on hasp, 1 compact plug prong lockout, 1 plug cover, 6 circuit breaker lockout, 2 wall switch covers, 2 packs of tags (12/pack).  Valve lockout focus station includes: 6 padlocks, 1 hasp, 1 snap-on hasp, 3 gate valve lockout, 2 ball valve lockout, 2 tags (12/pack) 

Lockout Stations:

  • Integrated, one-piece molded construction eliminates loose parts

  • Resilient polycarbonate material provides twice the heat resistance and quadruples the impact strength of typical stations

  • Reinforced snap-lock clips provide easy padlock and hasp storage and removal

  • Exclusive translucent lockable cover protects contents and prevents loss of valuable safety lockout padlocks

  • Innovative hinge holds cover open for easy product selection

If you don't see the Lockout Station you require, please call for a list of all of our available Master Lock Lockout Stations.

Lockout Station American Lock

Electrical Lockout Station

American Lock Lockout Stations | Wholesale Safety Labels
Master Lock Electrical Lockout Stations | Wholesale Safety Labels

Lockout Station Zenex Safety Lock

Valve Lockout Kit

Master Lock Safety Lockout Stations | Wholesale Safety Labels
Master Lock Valve Lockout Stations | Wholesale Safety Labels

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