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Respirators  & Accessories

Maintenance-Free Gas, Vapour, and Paint Respirators - 3M

• Pre-assembled so there are no spare parts to replace • Cradle suspension holds the respirator in place with minimal pressure to the back of the neck and the bridge of the nose

• Low profile organic vapor cartridges for a wider field of vision and greater comfort while wearing glasses or goggles.  The easy-to-install prefilter is approved for paint spray, pesticides, and particulates.  • Paint Spray Version is packaged with one pair of P95 prefilters and one pair of prefilter retainers.  • NIOSH/MSHA approved and available in Small, Medium or Large

Maintenance-Free Gas, Vapour, and Paint Respirators | Wholesale Safety Labels

Survivair® Valuair® Plus Half-Mask Respirators - Honeywell

Great value and easy to adjust. The Valuair® Plus series provide an excellent choice for limited use and limited life applications. Valuair® combines NIOSH-approved protection with low breathing resistance and the comfort of more expensive respirators.

Soft sealing flange and forward angled nose piece easily accommodate eyewear

• Perspiration port • Easy to adjust, 3-piece sliding suspension.  Available  in Small - Large

Survivair® Valuair® Plus Half-Mask Respirators - Honeywell | Wholesale Safety Labels

Survivair® Premier® Plus Half-Mask Respirators

Triple flange design = superior fit, comfort and protection. The Survivair® Premier® Plus is our top-of-the-line half-mask respirator. Made of soft silicone, it is extremely comfortable, flexible and durable. • A triple flange fits a wide variety of facial types and provides the ultimate in comfort and superior fit • Wide, wraparound, pleated silicone facepiece fits a large variety of facial types •  Available  in Small or Medium/Large 

Wholesale Safety Labels - Survivair® Premier® Plus Half-Mask Respirators

Survivair® Gas/Vapour Respirator Cartridges

• Designed to offer low inhalation resistance for easier breathing and less fatigue

• Low profile won't interfere with vision • Sold in pairs

Cartridges:  Organic Vapour, Organic Vapour/Acid Gases, and Acid Gas

Cartridges/P100 Filter Combo:  Organic Vapour, Organic Vapour/Acid Gas, and Multi-Gas

Survivair® Gas/Vapour Respirator Cartridges | Wholesale Safety Labels

Respirator Cleaning Wipes

Used to clean elastomeric facepiece respirators.

8" x 10" towelettes are alcohol-free and will not damage the facepiece materials. Individually packaged.

100 per box. Priced per Box. 

3M Respirator Cleaning Wipes | Wholesale Safety Labels

Fit Test Kits - 3M Bitter or Sweet Solutions

• Meets the performance criteria for fit testing respirators under the current OSHA Standard for Respirator Protection and CSA Standard Z94-4 • A fast, easy method for performing qualitative fit testing • Can be used with any particulate respirator or any gas and vapour respirator with a particulate filter • Helps satisfy respiratory program requirements • Can be used during respirator training programs.  • Convenient, reliable, and economical to use

Fit Test Kits - 3M Bitter or Sweet Solutions | Wholesale Safety Labels

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