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Gas Detection and Confined Space Products

Wholesale Safety Labels has a complete line of Single Gas Detectors, 4 Gas Detectors, Instrumentation, and Confined Space Products.  We sell Gas Detectors from BW Technologies, Drager, Ionscience, and MSA.  If you don't see the product you require, please call or email us for a free quote.



GasAlertClip Extreme Single Gas Detectors

• Offers continuous, reliable detection for a single gas

• Available in 2-year version of Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide, Surfur Dioxide, and Oxygen.

• LCD displays life remaining in months, days, and hours

• Rugged and durable water resistant design with built-in concussion-proof boot

• Features daily self test reminder and automatic event logging

• Requires no calibration, sensor replacement, battery replacement, or battery charging

• Compatible with the MicroDock II automatic test system

• Minimal training requirements and negligible maintenance costs make this one of the most cost-effective PPE solutions for facility workers abd on-site contractors.

BW GasAlertClip Extreme Single Gas Detectors | Wholesale Safety Labels

GasAlertMicroClip XT Multi-Gas Detectors

• Slim and compact multi-gas detector is lightweight and comfortable to wear

• Provides affordable protection from up to four hazards, including H2S, CO, O2, and combustibles

• Rugged and durable water-resistant design with built-in concussion-proof boot

• Features IntelliFlash, a green LED that continuously flashes to provide visual confirmation of detector operation and compliance

• The simple one-button operation offers ultimate ease of use and significantly reduces time spent training the user.   16 hours of standard data logging and event logging up to 10 events

• Calibration is required only two times per year with a simple one-button automatic procedure

• Powered by a lithium polymer battery, this unit recharges in less than four hours

• Fully compatible with the MicroDock II automatic test and calibration system

Note:  Rush delivery available in the GTA and Surrounding Areas.  Call for Details.


BW GasAlertMicroClip XT Multi-Gas Detectors | Wholesale Safety Labels

GasAlertMicro 5 Series Multi-Gas Detectors

• Simultaneously monitors and displays up to five potential atmospheric hazards, including PID and IR capabilities.

• Rugged and durable water resistant design with built-in concussion-proof boot

• Rapidly switch from diffusion to pump mode

• Full-function self test.  Simple, automatic calibration procedure

• Use the passcode protect function to prevent unauthorized modifications

• GasAlertMicro 5 PID model also identifies PID detectable VOC's

• GasAlertMicro5 IR model uses an NDIR sensor to monitor CO2 levels

• Includes: detector, sensor(s) (as specified), sensor compartment cover for diffusion operation, calibration adaptor and hose, three AA batteries, quick reference guide and technical documentation CD

BW GasAlertMicro 5 Series Multi-Gas Detectors | Wholesale Safety Labels

MicroDock II Automated Instrument Docking Stations

• Fully automatic “hands-free” calibration, functional bump testing, record keeping and charging

• Automatically verifies performance of sensors, as well as audible and visual alarms

• Stores and updates calibration records in the MicroDock II, as well as in data logging instruments

• Quick and easy compliance – simple, automatically maintained accurate records

• Light weight and fully portable with optional wall mount

• Operates via 6-V line power or four C-cell batteries (batteries not included)

• Add self-contained docking modules to the system via simple, plug-in connections

• Multiple Microdock II systems can be connected via a LAN

• Includes BW Fleet Manager II software for easy data analysis

• Multi-language support in English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese

• One base station with one AC outlet supports up to ten modules to suit your application. 

Sold complete with Base Station, Docking Module & Charging Cable.

BW MicroDock II Automated Instrument Docking Stations | Wholesale Safety Labels

MSA ALTAIR® Maintenance-Free Single-Gas Detectors

• Factory-calibrated detector with warranted two-year service life

• Sensor options for CO, H2 S, and O2 • Maintenance-free; no sensor or battery change necessary • Easy bump check and built-in calibration feature

• Event recorder stores last 25 events automatically in instrument memory

• MSA Link software-ready • High capacity battery

• Rated to IP67 for dust and water ingress • Weight: 4 oz.

. Available in Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide, and Oxygen models.


MSA ALTAIR® Maintenance-Free Single-Gas Detectors | Wholesale Safety Labels

Cub personal VOC detector

The world’s smallest, lightest, personal VOC detector!

Cub is a personal VOC detector with photoionization detection (PID) technology for the fast, accurate detection of volatile organic compounds, keeping you safe within your working environment.

With market-leading parts-per-billion (ppb) sensitivity, Cub sets the standard in personal gas monitoring giving an early warning of exposure to hazardous gases.

Comfortable and unobtrusive to wear, Cub sits within the breathing zone and is the smallest, lightest, personal VOC detector available. Cub has a dynamic range of 0 to 5000 ppm – the widest on the market – measuring 480 selectable compounds.

CubDoc docking stations are also available for USB communication, charging and calibrating your instrument, dependent on your requirements.

ION CUB Personal VOC and Benzene Detector

To order:  (Click on the Below Images)

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