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Lockout Identification Tags

“Lockout Tags are designed for use where major hazard situations present an immediate threat of death or serious injuries.”, “DANGER tags may be used for lock-out / tag-out situations when used with the intention of preventing death or serious injury.” Source: ANSI spec Z535.5.4.1. Complies with OSHA 29 CFR 910145 (f)(5). Consult local regulations for specific guidelines.  These tags are used to indicate that energy isolating devices are in use and the equipment being controlled may not be operated until the Lock-Out / Tag-Out device is removed. Tags Include our patented “LIGHTNING BOLT” for drawing attention to the lockout area. Every tag comes with a 3/8” drilled or 3/8” metal grommet that can accommodate most padlock shackles.  All tags are printed on both sides with state of the art digital printing. Tags are made from 20-mil Rigid Laminated DuraPly which meets 50-lb pull test for lock-out / tag-out.  Sold in packages of 25.  Other versions and Bilingual Lockout Tags Available.  Ask about our Custom Lockout Tags


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Danger Lockout Tags | Wholesale Safety Labels
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