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Custom Weatherproof Labels

Weatherproof Labels are an ideal solution when you want a durable label that resists the elements and is very economical.  Give your products the attention they deserve with high-quality, low-cost Weatherproof Colour Labels!  Available in 50 different Die Cut Sizes and or in Custom Shapes up to 20 Sq. In.  PDF Proofs at No charge so you can feel confident your Custom Labels Look Perfect.  BOPP labels are made from plastic film material, and are unique through being both waterproof and resistant to the effects of UV rays. If you are looking to have your design protected while eye-catching at the same time with its gloss effect, look no further. We offer designs printed in rolls of five multi-purpose shapes: choose between rectangle, square, circle, oval, or a custom design of your choice.



• Low minimums of 25 labels on some materials.

• Exceptional print quality

• Available Lamination

• Large selection of shapes and sizes

to fit most every need

• Excellent image quality and lasts 

1-1/2 - 2 years outdoors.


Weatherproof Labels on a Roll  | Wholesale Safety Labels

STEP 1: Choose Label Shape and Size

STEP 2: Choose Label Stock:  White, or Yellow Vinyl  

Silver BOPP:  Brushed

Poylpropylene in Shiny or Clear.

STEP 3: Choose Ink Colour:  Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Process Blue, Teal, Orange, or Violet

STEP 4: Email Us Your Custom Wording or Artwork

Custom Weatherproof Labels on a Roll  | Wholesale Safety Labels
Full Colour Weatherproof Labels Toronto Canada
Weatherproof Label Pricing

To order:  (Click on Below Images)

Ordering Details:

Email all of your Custom Wording, Material, and Layout Requirements to:

Prices are for Full Colour Print on 1 Background Colour.  Call for details for Volume Pricing and Free Shipping Options.

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