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Spill Response Berms

Dripillow Berms by Empac

• Ideal for outdoor leaks and spills under vehicles, hydraulic lines or equipment

• Designed as durable, portable drip-pan • Stable weighted base will not flip, tip or splash in windy conditions • Compatible with all fuels and hydrocarbons • Folds for easy carrying and storage • Standard includes grounding strap, weighted base and UV resistant removable pad • Off-Road includes corner grommets and an additional weighted base allowing for easy staking and security in high-wind and rugged terrain applications • Available in OD green upon request • Available in Standard and Off-Road versions • Refill pads available, sold as a case of 5

Enpac Dripillow Berms | Wholesale Safety Labels

Empac Prowler Pool 

• Made of high-density polyethylene and a low-density coating • Offers excellent resistance to the widest range of chemicals, acids, leaded and unleaded gasoline, diesel fuels and other hazardous materials • Resistant to cold temperatures, as low as minus 65°F, as well as abrasion, punctures and ultraviolet rays • Lightweight; half the weight of comparably sized PVC pools while offering double the strength

Enpac  Prowler Pool | Wholesale Safety Labels

Enpac Stinger Yellow Jacket

Lightweight, portable pallet can be carried anywhere to prevent spills from occurring!

• Made of vinyl coated polyester • Chemical-resistant, stands up to corrosive battery acid, and is a great addition to any spill kit • Unique snap-up support strips create a sturdy sidewall when unit is opened • Optional removable polyethylene grates for easy access to the sump (SE553) • Grates helps you comply with EPA 40 CFR 264.175 when used with a pallet

Empac Stinger Yellow Jacket Berms | Wholesale Safety Labels

Economy L-Bracket Berms

  • Engineered to be rugged, yet features quick and simple set up

  • First-class chemical, rip, tear and puncture resistance

  • Easy, fast setup at an economical price

  • Compact storage and transport

  • Tested welds ensure maximum performance

  • Available in 9 sizes in capacities from 119 US Gallons to 4488 US Gallons

Economy L-Bracket Berms | Wholesale Safety Labels

Economy Ultra-Containment Berms®

  • Economical design offers cost savings and secure spill containment

  • L-shape aluminum brackets provide sturdy sidewall support

  • Easy assembly; brackets are quickly and easily inserted into sleeves spaced around perimeter containment berm

  • No frames, components or excess material outside of sidewalls

  • Excellent for use as spill containment area inside of storage sheds and other buildings or structures where floor space is a premium

  • Economical spill containment for frac tanks and other large containers

  • Meets SPCC and EPA Container Storage Regulations 40 CFR 264.175

  • Available in 6 sizes in capacities from 199 US Gallons to 7405 US Gallons

Economy Ultra-Containment Berms | Wholesale Safety Labels

Empac Stinger Snap-Up Berm 

• Ideal for large scale spill containment • Flexible sidewalls and easy-to-assemble design allows for immediate response to industrial, government, construction, transportation and emergency response situations

• Designed for quick set up and compact fold-up, storage and transport

• Features excellent rip, tear and puncture resistance for the most demanding application or terrain • Sidewalls fold down for easy drive-in and drive-out

• Chemical and abuse resistance • Custom colours and sizes available

Empac Stinger Snap-Up Berm | Wholesale Safety Labels

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