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Aisle Marking Tape

Aisle Marking Tape

• PVC Floor Marking Tapes made from a durable 6-mil thick vinyl film with a rubber an adhesive system that will adhere to most any clean, dry surface

• Matte smooth conformable tape that is great for

marking hazards on floors, walls, and equipment

• Commonly used in aisle demarcation, colour

coding and pipe banding applications

• 108' per roll in widths of 2", 3", and 4".

Available in: Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Orange, and Green.

Sold in Packs of 6, and 12 tapes.  Priced as low as $9.40 / Roll. 

Also available in other sizes if required.  Please call for a quote.

Aisle Marking Tape | Wholesale Safety Labels

Hazard Warning Tape


• PVC tapes will quickly bring attention to any workplace hazard

• Made from a 6-mil conformable vinyl film with a rubber

adhesive system to adhere to most any clean, dry surface

• Smooth semi-matte surface

• Ideal for floors, walls, pipes and equipment

• 108' per roll. Sold in packs of 6 in 4 Styles and in 2", 3", and 4" widths.


• PVC tape with a durable, clear laminating film over top

• Smooth gloss finish will resist wear and is easily cleaned

• Over-lamination improves tape's ability to withstand heavy abrasion

• 108' per roll.  Sold in packs of 6 in 4 Styles and in 2", 3", and 4" widths.

Priced as low as $11.30 for Non-Laminated Tape and $21.40 for Laminated Warning Tape.   Sold per pack.  Call for details if require Single Rolls.

Hazard Warning Tape | Wholesale Safety Labels

Floor Tape Applicators

• Designed for applying tape accurately

and securely to floors and ground

• Economy style designed to apply tape in straight

lines only; accepts tape roll widths up to 4"

Aisle Marking Tapes - Machines | Wholesale Safety Labels

Engineer Grade Reflective Tape

These tapes offer vibrant daytime visibility with reflective properties for nighttime use.  All solid colour tape is rated for use outdoors for a 7-year lifespan. The tape has an aggressive adhesive that will adhere to almost any clean, dry, smooth surface and meets ASTM D-4956 Type I.  

Hazard striped products have a protective lamination to ensure the printed stripe will not wear off. Tape comes with a removable release liner. This product is not intended for vehicle application.  Custom printing and conversion also available. We also offer our entire range of reflective products in large format rolls.  Rolls measure 30 feet long by 2 inches wide.

Engineer Grade Reflective Tape | Wholesale Safety Labels


Glow Brite® tape absorbs and stores energy from ambient light, which makes it instantly visible in the darkness. It adheres to stairs and other potentially slick surfaces along egress system.  Available in 1" or 2" wide 60 foot rolls.  Glows for 24 + hours during power outages.



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