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Mopping Solutions

Cut End-Wet Mops Cotton

• High grade cotton yarn is durable and absorbent with excellent floor drying qualities, increasing worker productivity and safety

• Cotton industrial narrow band wet mops are economical and great for general purpose cleaning • Condition cotton mops by soaking in water for up to 12 hours • Use with any narrow band mop handle. Available  in 16, 20, 24, and 32 oz. styles


Cut End-Wet Mops Cotton | Wholesale Safety Labels

Rayon Mops

• High grade rayon yarn is the most absorbent fibre and it releases moisture quickly from the mop making this a good economical finish mop for applying waxes or finishers • Fan-foot construction allows for maximum floor coverage avoids tangles, and helps maintain the mop's shape for even coverage • Use with any narrow band handle  

Available  in 16, 20, 24, and 32 oz. styles

Rayon Mops | Wholesale Safety Labels

Looped-End Wet Mops Microloop 

• Very strong and durable microfibre/synthetic blend • Microfibre picks up more dirt and gets a deeper clean • Excellent drying capabilities to reduce the risk of slippery floors • Narrow band

Available in Small, Medium, and Large Sizes


Looped-End Wet Mops Microloop  | Wholesale Safety Labels

Antimicrobial Wet Mops

• Value-conscious design for facilities where laundering is not possible • Blended synthetic yarn is infused with an antimicrobial treatment designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria which can cause mop discoloration and unpleasant odours • Ideal for grocery stores, restaurants or any company looking for both economy and performance in a mop.  Available in Medium and Large sizes

Antimicrobial Wet Mops | Wholesale Safety Labels

Floor Finishing Mops

Satin Finish Large Size

• Mono filament yarn is lint-free, covers more square feet per loading and releases finish more evenly with less mop drag • Excellent results with high solid/gloss floor finishes, the best mop you can purchase for floor finishing

Tuffstuff  Economy Medium Size

• Durable looped-end construction  • Rayon/synthetic blend will not lint-of.




EZ Change Fibreglass

Mop Narrow Band Handles

• Opens wide for quick mop changes

• Touch-free mop release, allows you to change a dirty mop head without touching it.  Available in 54" or 60" L handle

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Floor Finishing Mops | Wholesale Safety Labels
Wholesale Safety Labels - Mopping Solutions
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