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Miller Harnesses and Fall Protection

Wholesale Safety Labels has a complete line of Safety Harnesses and Fall Protection Products.  We sell products from DBI SALA, MILLER, NORTH, PROTECTA, and MSA.  If you dont see the the category you need, please call or email us for a free quote.   

Miller® Ultra Harnesses

• The new line of Ultra Harnesses is designed with patented DuraFlex® stretchable

webbing that provides greater comfort, increases productivity and improves safety

• In addition, the DuraFlex® Python Ultra Harness also features cushioned tubular

webbing in the shoulder straps to minimize possible discomfort around the neck

and shoulders when required to wear a tool belt

• Comfort-touch back D-ring pad is designed with woven, breathable material

for greater comfort; orients harness for quick tangle-free donning

• Sleek, quick-connect buckles for chest and leg straps for easy donning

and feature a dual-tab release mechanism to prevent accidental opening

• Friction shoulder strap buckles stay firmly in place.  Universal fit

• Certified to CSA standard Z259.10-06

Available in 2 Styles:  Duraflex Ultra and Duraflex Python Class A.

Miller® Ultra Harnesses | Wholesale Safety Labels

T-Flex Titan Stretchable Harnesses

• Durable, stretch polyester webbing construction for improved comfort and greater mobility

• Fully adjustable design for maximum comfort.  • Non-slip chest strap assures proper fit

• Sub-pelvic strap for added safety and support

• Mating shoulder and chest strap buckles stay firmly in place

• Pull-free lanyard rings for added convenience

• Sliding back D-ring and pad ensure correct back D-ring position.  Universal fit

• Certified to CSA standard Z259.10-06

T-Flex Titan Stretchable Harnesses | Wholesale Safety Labels

Miller® AirCore Harnesses

• Designed with breathable, open-core padding technology that provides optimal air flow, while reducing heat and moisture entrapment, keeping a worker drier and cooler • Patented Miller DuraFlex® stretchable webbing provides greater flexibility and increased comfort • Easy adjustment with cam buckles on shoulder straps

• Contoured ergonomic padding design minimizes contact around a worker's neck, lower back, and inner thighs to reduce chaffing and irritation • Stand-up back D-ring • Quick-connect chest strap buckles for easy donning • Lightweight materials and components reduce fatigue for all-day endurance and increased productivity

• Durable knitted mesh back shield minimizes moisture absorption and maintains optimal air circulation • Certified to CSA standard Z259.10-12

Wholesale Safety Labels - Miller Aircore Harnesses

Miller® Titan Contractor's Harnesses

• Full-body harnesses made from lightweight durable polyester webbing for all-day comfort and dependability • Fully adjustable design

• Sliding back D-ring • Sub-pelvic strap

• Universal fit (other sizes available upon request)

• Colour: Orange • Certified to CSA standard Z259.10-06

Wholesale Safety Labels - Titan Harnesses

Miller® Revolution Harnesses

• Donning made easy with two-sided Dualtech webbing with contrasting colours and textures • Easy, one-hand cam buckle adjustment/release allows simultaneous adjustment of shoulder straps • Integrated pack encapsulates labels minimising damage and loss • Integrated accessory system wih modular attachment design provides connection points for belts/tools/accessories

• Rated to 400 lbs. (181.4kg) capacity • Certified to CSA standard Z259.10-06

Miller® Revolution Harnesses | Wholesale Safety Labels

Miller® Duraflex® Python Harnesses

• Shoulder straps are constructed of soft, cushioned tubular webbing

• Lower torso straps are constructed of specially-formulated DuraFlex® stretchable webbing • Leg straps are constructed of lightweight, non-stretch webbing • Injection-molded Santoprene® D-ring back pad is soft and flexible, enhancing comfort • Pull-free lanyard ring allows user to attach lanyard when not in use • Belt loops to accommodate belts, back pads and other accessories • Universal fit (other sizes available upon request)

• Colour: Lime green • Certified to CSA standard Z259.10-06

Miller® Duraflex® Python Harnesses | Wholesale Safety Labels

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