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Miller® AirCore Harnesses
• Designed with breathable, open-core padding technology that provides optimal air flow,
while reducing heat and moisture entrapment, keeping a worker drier and cooler
• Patented Miller DuraFlex® stretchable webbing provides greater flexibility and increased comfort
• Easy adjustment with cam buckles on shoulder straps
• Contoured ergonomic padding design minimizes contact around a worker's neck,
lower back, and inner thighs to reduce chaffing and irritation
• Stand-up back D-ring
• Quick-connect chest strap buckles for easy donning
• Lightweight materials and components reduce fatigue for all-day endurance and increased productivity
• Durable knitted mesh back shield minimizes moisture absorption and maintains optimal air circulation
• Certified to CSA standard Z259.10-12

Fall Protection - Miller® AirCore Harnesses

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