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Waste Containers

 Round Brute® Heavy Duty Containers, Tops & Dollies

• Extra strong polyethylene construction withstands bumps and kicks; will not rust, chip or peel

• Nest for easy storage and cleans easily due to seamless construction

• Built-in handles, double ribbed base and molded base grip for two-handed lifting

• Choice of snap-on flat lid or dome top

• Dome top turns container into a rugged outdoor receptacle

• Door swings shut to keep out water and trap odours

• Also fits 45-gallon steel drums

• Twist-on round 5-wheel dolly fits 20-55 US gallon containers

• UV stabilizer added for maximum life in outdoor setting

Available in 20, 32, and 44 US Gallon Capacity.  

*Grey Flat Top and Grey Containers are accepted in Canadian Food 

Processing Facilities.


Rubbermaid  Round Brute® Heavy Duty Containers, Dollies | Wholesale Safety Labels
Round Brute® Heavy Duty Containers | Wholesale Safety Labels

Marshal® Classic Containers

• Under normal use (with top on and swing door shut) the container will restrain flames and extinguish them

• Textured finish minimizes the appearance of surface scratches

• UV stabilizer added for maximum life in outdoor setting

• Optional grey rigid liner

• ADA compliant

• FM approved

Available in Beige and Brown in 15 and 25 US Gallon Capacity with or without Rigid Liner

Marshal® Classic Waste Containers | Wholesale Safety Labels

Untouchable® Containers

• Durable tough polyethylene construction, crack resistant and ideal for indoor or outdoor use

• Ideal for hotel lobbies, restrooms, shopping malls, restaurants and snack areas

• Indoor or outdoor application

• Controls litter, odours and insects

• Available in round, half-round and square shape

• Optional swing top or flat top swings open freely

• ADA compliant, touch-free

Available in 23, 35, and 50 US Gallon Capacity in either Beige or Grey

Untouchable® Waste Containers | Wholesale Safety Labels
Rubbermaid Untouchable® Containers with Lid | Wholesale Safety Labels

Steel Waste Containers

• 22-gauge cold-rolled steel construction

ensures maximum fire protection

• Lower body reinforced with

22-gauge support bars

• Concealed pedestal base of 22-gauge steel

• Standard plastic bag holder apparatus

• Finished in white epoxy powder paint with black vinyl trim

Available in 11, 16, and 28 US Gallon Capacities. 

Optional Liners available for all 3 sizes

Note:  Available in Stainless Steel, email us for details.

Frost Steel Waste Containers | Wholesale Safety Labels
Frost Steel Waste Container | Wholesale Safety Labels

Soft Wastebaskets

• Durable, lightweight plastic baskets will not rust, chip or dent

• Rolled rims offer durability and easy cleaning

• Space efficient and economical

Available in Grey and Black in 14, 28, and 41 Quart Capacity

Rubbermaid Soft Wastebaskets | Wholesale Safety Labels

Rollable Waste Containers

• Durable polyethylene construction is resistant to chipping and peeling • Easy to grip handles

• Wheels allow for the efficient movement of heavy contents

• Capacity: 65 US gal.

• Material: Polyethylene

. Available in Grey or Recycling Blue




Rollable Waste Containers | Wholesale Safety Labels

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