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Security and Safety Mirrors

Security Mirrors

• Safety Mirrors prevent accidents and increase surveillance

with a lightweight acrylic Convex Security Mirror

• Adjustable mounting hardware included with each mirror

• 100° viewing angle and mounted ball and swivel

• Telescoping arm adjusts from 15" to 21"

• For indoor or outdoor use

Available in diameter sizes from 12", 18", 26", 30", and 36".

Note:  For best cleaning results, use furniture polish to clean all mirrors.   We now offer installation services in the GTA.   Ask for a Free Quote.

Interior Convex Mirror / Outdoor Convex Mirror

Interior Safety Mirrors | Wholesale Safety Labels
Outdoor Safety Mirrors | Wholesale Safety Labels

Dome Mirrors

• Increase surveillance and prevent accidents due to blind corners

• Constructed of acrylic for added durability

• All mirrors have a black protective edge and hanging clips

• Full dome mirrors come with hanging chains and hooks.  Dome mirrors come in Open-Top, Closed-Top, or with a Scratch Resistant Finish for added Durability.

Ideal Locations:

360° 4-way intersections

180° T-intersections

90° Corner intersections

24" Drop-In Ceiling Dome for 4-way views

Note:  Use Furniture Polish for Cleaning Mirrors.

Glass Cleaner will damage Acrylic Mirrors.


Dome fits 2' x 2' drop-ceiling tile.

Dome Mirrors | Wholesale Safety Labels
Drop Fit Dome Mirrors | Wholesale Safety Labels

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