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Janitorial & Property Management

Wholesale Safety Labels has a complete line of Janitorial, Vacuums, Hand Dryers, Garbage bags,  Cleaning Supplies, and Property Management Signs, and Parking Solutions.  As our customers request more and more products, we add these solutions to our website.  If you don't see the category what you are looking for, please call or email us for a free quote on any Janitorial or Cleaning Category of products. Receive Free Shipping on almost everything we sell with minimum orders of $115.00  Call for details for even bigger savings.


Note:  We strive to provide our customers the lowest prices possible.  In order to get these great wholesale prices and next day shipping, we ask for minimum orders of $115.00 on Janitorial Products.  If you require less products, we can consolidate your order and ship out once a week.  OK to combine  Cleaning  or Maintenance categories to meet these minimums. 

(Click images to go to desired category)

Sweeping Solutions

Wet/Dry Vacuums

Cleaning Carts

Indoor Cones

Economy Janitorial

Hand Drying Systems

Paper & Dispensers

Mopping Solutions

Industrial Squeegees

Skin Care Soaps

Wipers & Dispensers

Sweeping Compound

Multi-Purpose Cleaners

Industrial Liners

Stoko Hand Cleaners

Air Fresheners

Brushes & Spray Bottles


Benches & Bike Racks

Industrial Sprayers

Washroom Accessories

World Dryers

Hoses & Aqua Guns

Dog Waste Systems

Parking Curbs

Regulatory Signs

Parking Signs

Line Striping


Landscaping Tools

Garbage Bags

Simple Green

Purell Soaps

Bulk Cleaning Supplies

Clorox Wipes

Industrial Rags

Speed Bumps

Boardwalk Cleaners

Portable Sign Systems

Economy Ice Melter

Laundry Bins

Bulk Wipers

Bulk Scouring Pads

Bulk P&G Cleaners

Bulk Spray Nine

3M Finishing Pads

Industrial Vacuums

Foodservice Towels

Mold Control

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