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Impact Resistant Traffic Posts

Impact Resistant Delineator Posts

Tubular surface mount delineator is a high performance, surface mounted, flexible plastic channelization and delineation device. The product can be bonded to asphalt or concrete surfaces to provide traffic control in areas requiring easy removal or relocation. The product provides excellent impact resistance and rebounds after impact.  3” Diameter by 36” or 48” Tall Delineator.   Durable Urethane Material takes repeated impacts and returns to an upright position.   Available in White, Yellow, Black, and Orange with (2) hi-intensity reflective Bands and Mounting Base.  All Posts meet MUTCD Standards

Impact Resistant Delineator Posts  | Wholesale Safety Labels

Impact Recovery System's Tuff Post® 3” Flexible Posts

Tuff Post® 3" flexible posts are a High Performance channelizer designed to meet the harsh demands of high speed, high traffic areas. Tuff Post has been tested to sustain 50 impacts at 50 MPH or 80 km / h with little damage to the unit and to the impacting vehicle while remaining upright with no vertical listing.  Available fixed base mounts for mounting posts to road surfaces.  All Posts meet or exceed MTO Standards

Impact Recovery System's Tuff Post® 3” Flexible Posts  | Wholesale Safety Labels

FG 300 Surface Mount Channelizer Posts

Channelizer posts save lives by directing traffic and reducing the chance of accidents. Our highly visible posts clearly delineate driving lanes with bright colors and reflective sheeting. The clover-leaf design of the FG 300 tubular marker provides far better rebound than simple round tubes. The curving of the sides of the FG 300 tube changes the moment of inertia and builds up tremendous potential energy, resulting in a quick and sharp rebound after impact.  Flexible Guide Posts have been tested to sustain 50 impacts at 60 MPH or 96 kmh with little damage to the unit and to the impacting vehicle.  Available Hi Visibility Strips (4" x 12") and Black Base for Mounting Posts onto road surfaces.  Choose from Orange, White, or Yellow.  All Posts meet or exceed MTO Standards

FG 300 Surface Mount Channelizer Posts  | Wholesale Safety Labels

Pexco City Post

Designed for superior durability and quick replacement, the City Post sets new standards for performance in the field and ease of maintenance.

Thermoplastic polyurethane for high impact resistance • Crash friendly design • 1-piece construction with no mechanical springs to fail • 360° of visibility with factory- applied reflective sheeting • Installs in concrete or asphalt • Easy “Spin-in” installation minimizes worker exposure.  The City Post remains flexible and continues to fully rebound even after 100 hits at 60mph or 96 kmh.  Available in White and Orange in 42" or 48" tall sizes.




Pexco City Post  | Wholesale Safety Labels

Flexstake Delineator with Ground Anchor

FlexStake HD is an all weather, ground mounted delineator that can take up to 100 vehicular impacts at 55 mph or 90 kmh. It is unbeatable in areas where ordinary markers suffer a high failure rate.

The hinge is hi-density, all-weather polymer, mechanically fastened to a patented barbed anchor that really stays in the ground. The anchor is a hi-density polymer that is unaffected by adverse soil conditions.

Optional Reflective Bands can be added.  Available in Yellow or White.


Flexstake Delineator with Ground Anchor  | Wholesale Safety Labels

Reboundable Traffic Post

The square “Twist and Lock” base and spring back system are included with the purchase of the post.  Designed to resist twisting and displacement from wind and impact forces.

• Tested to withstand temperatures ranging from 60 degrees to -21 degrees.

• 42”, 48”, and 66" posts are available in orange, yellow and white.

“Twist and lock” design for the base, eliminates extra hardware

used to install post, reducing the install time by 50%!

• Spring back system is covered in the post, reducing exposure

from the Canadian elements.

• All posts come standard with 2 reflective silver bands pre-installed on them, increasing nighttime visibility.  Available in 42", 48" or 66" in height.  

Posts are all MTO approved.


Reboundable Traffic Post  | Wholesale Safety Labels

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