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Industrial Garbage Bags

RMP® Industrial Garbage Bags

• Bags are "Best in Class" on attributes such as energy use, amount of recycled material, post consumer waste retrieved and re-used • Quality of these "green bags" is as good as "non-green bags" • Excellent strength and puncture resistance eliminate the need for double bagging • Excellent performance when compared to standard in the category • RMP® garbage bags are certified EcoLogo by a well recognized Canadian third party certification body

• EcoLogo certified bags are less harmful for the environment

Available in Utility, Regular, Strong and Extra Strong versions.

RMP® Industrial Garbage Bags | Wholesale Safety Labels

Utility Garbage Bags

• Industrial strength utility garbage bags made with 100% LLDPE recycled materials • Ideal for the light industrial/janitorial industry • Colour: Black

Available in 4 Sizes in either Strong or Extra Strong

Heavy-Duty Garbage Bags

• High performance bags made for heavier loads

• Ideal for building contractor trade

• Individually folded • Excellent strength and puncture resistance

Utility Garbage Bags | Wholesale Safety Labels
Heavy-Duty Garbage Bags | Wholesale Safety Labels

Sure-Tie® Drawstring Closure Clear Bags

• No need to "push down" to compress the contents to "free up" enough plastic to tie the bag • Prevents airborne contaminates from being introduced in sensitive environments

• Simply pull the Sure-Tie® drawstring and the bag easily closes

• Drawstring closure creates a convenient carry handle

• Excellent puncture and tear strength.  Sold by the Case

Sure-Tie® Drawstring Closure Clear Bags | Wholesale Safety Labels

Hazardous Waste Bags

• Designed for the safe containment of all hazardous waste removal


• Colour: Yellow with black lettering

• Bag dimensions: 36" x 60"

• Thickness: 6 mils • 50 bags per roll

Hazardous Waste Bags | Wholesale Safety Labels

Sure-Guard Asbestos Removal Liners

• Constructed in three cross linked layers of film • Specifically designed for the rigours of asbestos abatement • Noticeably more tough and puncture resistant than normal liners due to Sure-Guard liners being made with high grade virgin resins

• Ideal for the toughest abatement, restoration, environmental, and industrial applications

Note:  Ask about our Asbestos Removal Signs and Labels for your Projects.

Sure-Guard Asbestos Removal Liners | Wholesale Safety Labels

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