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RMP® Industrial Garbage Bags• Bags are "Best in Class" on attributes such as energy use, amount of recycledmaterial, post consumer wasteretrieved and re-used• Quality of these "green bags" is as good as "non-green bags"• Excellent strength and puncture resistance eliminate the needfor double bagging• Excellent performance when compared to standard in the category• RMP® garbage bags are certifiedEcoLogo by a well recognized Canadian third party certification body• EcoLogo certified bags are less harmful for the environmentSize"         Description        /Case 20 x 22     Utility                  50022 x 24     Utility                  50026 x 36     Regular               25026 x 36     Strong                20030 x 38     Regular               25030 x 38     Strong                20035 x 50     Regular               25035 x 50     Strong                 20042 x 48     Regular                25042 x 48     Strong                 200

Industrial Garbage Bags - RMP® Industrial

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