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Brady Lockout Solutions

Brady Lok Box 

The Lok Box stands up to the toughest industrial work environments. Ready to use, it will provide employees with a focal point to pick up the required products when following their lockout / tagout procedures.

The Lok Box is painted with a high-visibility industrial safety yellow acrylic polyester paint that is baked in for improved durability. Available in three different

sizes - you choose the one best suited to your needs. Complete with padlocks, lockout hasps and tags or empty if you choose to assemble your own kit.

Comes in Small with 4 Locks, Medium with 8 Locks, and Large with 20 Locks.


Brady Lockout Box | Wholesale Safety Labels

Brady Lockout Tool Boxes with Components

A crucial part of any lockout/tagout program is to prevent worker injury by cutting the power on a piece of equipment that is being serviced. The Lockout Tool Box, 17" W x 5" D x 4 1/2" H, has what you need to lock and mark your equipment preventing its use until repairs have been completed.

Brady Lockout Tool Boxes with Components | Wholesale Safety Labels

Brady Personal Breaker Lockout Pouches

• Pouch contains one each of the most popular circuit breaker lockouts

• Covers 120 V/277 V and 460 V/600 V breakers in single- and multi-pole configurations KIT CONTAINS: 1 120 V/277 V clamp-on breaker lockout w/cleat 1 480 V/600 V clamp-on breaker lockout w/cleat 1 Universal multipole breaker lockout 2 1" group lockout hasps 2 Heavy-duty lockout tags w/nylon cable ties 1 Lockout belt pouch.

Brady Personal Breaker Lockout Pouches | Wholesale Safety Labels

Brady Electrical Lockout Toolboxes

• All the basics for locking out breakers, electrical plugs, wall switches and fuses KIT CONTAINS: 2 Mini cable lockouts 2 120 V snap-on breaker lockouts 2 120 V/277 V clamp-on breaker lockouts w/cleats 2 480 V/400 V Clamp-On Breaker Lockouts w/cleats 2 Universal multi-pole breaker lockouts 1 Oversized breaker lockout 1 3-in-1 plug lockout 1 Wall switch lockout 1 Small fuse blockout 1 Large fuse blockout 1 Extra-large lockout toolbox

Brady Electrical Lockout Toolboxes | Wholesale Safety Labels

Brady Combination Lockout Starter Kits

Protect your employees and comply with OSHA standards with the Combination Lockout Starter Kit. Whether you want to secure breakers wall switches, plugs or gate and ball valves, this kit has the lockout devices to get you started.

Brady Combination Lockout Starter Kits | Wholesale Safety Labels

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