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Water Jel Burn Solutions

Water Jel® Burn Kits

• Provides cool and soothing temporary relief of pain, protects against contamination and stops burn progression

• Lowers and stabilizes skin temperature; cools through transference, not evaporation, to reduce the risk of hypothermia • Water-based, water-soluble gel is easy to remove and assists in the removal of burnt clothing • Non-toxic and non-irritating

• Unaffected by prior freezing, air travel and hot temperatures

Available in 10 Unit Standard Kit I or Large Kit II - 16 unit Plastic Kit


Water Jel® Burn Kits | Wholesale Safety Labels

Water Jel® Burn Dressings

• Individually wrapped non-woven dressings infused with Water Jel® will not stick to the wound • Sterile

Available in 5 popular sizes


Water Jel® Cool Jel

• Pain relieving gel othes burns, moisturizes and provides a protective barrier against contaminants and irritants.

Available in:  3.5 g single use pouches (25/box) or 118 ml squeeze bottle


Water Jel® Burn Dressings | Wholesale Safety Labels
Cool Jel | Wholesale Safety Labels

Water Jel® Fire Blankets

• Multipurpose fire blanket made of 100% wool, saturated with Water Jel® gel • Packaged in a high-density, water-resistant, polyethylene case Uses: Emergency burn victim care and fire protection To extinguish small fires To construct an escape route To shield and protect a rescuer from intense heat and flames.  

Available in sizes:  30" x 36" or 60" x 72" Fire Blankets


Water Jel® Fire Blankets | Wholesale Safety Labels

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