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WERNER Step Ladders

WERNER Type IA Fiberglass Step Ladder The 6104CA Fiberglass Step Ladder has a duty rating of 

300 pounds and  features oversized, molded Proguard Boot™ for firm slip‐resistant footing.    The HolsterTop® has the Lock‐In System to keep your tools secure  and right at your fingertips.  

Available in 4, 6, and 10 foot high models.


WERNER Type IA Fiberglass Step Ladder | Wholesale Safety Labels

WERNER Aluminum Step Ladders The 376CA Aluminum 6 ftStep  Ladder has a duty rating of 

300 pounds yet is lightweight and easy  to transport. 

The TOOL‐TRA‐TOP has a drill holster, convenient tray for tools/paint and small parts.  There is also a sturdy 

molded paint can hanger on the backside of  the top. 

The SPILL‐TOP  PROOF pail shelf has a rag rack and holds a gallon paint can and automatically closes with the ladder

Also available in 4 and 8 foot tall models


WERNER Aluminum Step Ladders | Wholesale Safety Labels

WERNER Type I Fiberglass Step Ladder

The  6004CA Fiberglass 4 ft Step Ladder features a HolsterTop with the Lock‐in System that allows you to customize your ladder top.  The system secures tools tools from falling while keeping them  handy while working increasing productivity on the job.  The tops also hold tools and have a sturdy paint can  hanger on the back side

Available in 4, 6 and 8 foot tall models.


WERNER D‐Rung Extension Ladder 

The D6024‐2CA is a 24 ft fiberglass extension ladder with non‐conductive side rails and a duty rating of 250 pounds. The TRACTION‐TRED D‐rungs are slip resistant and the side rails are interlocking. The rail shields protect the bottom of the rail and the SHU‐LOK shoe pivots easily for use on hard or penetrable surfaces. The exclusive ALFLO® rung joint guarantees TWISTPROOF performance.



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WERNER Type I Fiberglass Step Ladder | Wholesale Safety Labels
WERNER Type I Fiberglass Step Ladder | Wholesale Safety Labels
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