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Brass Valve Tags

Numbered Brass Valve Tags

• Black filled numbers. 18-gauge brass

• 1 1/2" diameter tags with 3/16" hole

 Available only in unbroken series of 25

• Wt.: 0.5 lb per series

Note:  100 of our 1" Numbered Brass Valve Tags go for $165.00.

Beaded chain included.  Custom Non-Sequential numbering available.  Email us all of your requirements for a Free Quote.


Numbered Brass Valve Tags | Wholesale Safety Labels
Custom Non Sequential Valve Tags | Ontario | Canada | Wholesale Safety Labels

Blank Brass Tags

Save money and create your own Custom Tags!

• Identify equipment, materials and pipes by stamping description directly onto tag • 18-gauge brass tags

• Packages of 100.

Blank Brass Tags| Wholesale Safety Labels

Anodized Aluminum Blank Valve Tags

  • Identify equipment, materials, and pipes by stamping or writing description directly onto tag

  • Dimensions: 1.5" Dia

  • Hole Diameter: 3/16", Qty/Pkg: 5

  • Note:  Volume Pricing and different colours are available, call for complete details.


Anodized Aluminum Blank Valve Tags | Wholesale Safety Labels

Steel Hand Stamps

• For hand-held, hammer struck applications • Manufactured from high quality steel • Induction hardened for added durability and extended life • Bevelled striking edge prevents breakage and accidents during use • Stamping end is hardened at 58-62 HRC and the striking end is hardened to 38-43 HRC to prevent splintering • Letter sets contain 27 pieces, "A" through "Z" and "&"-ampersand • Number sets contain 9 pieces, "0" through "9", numbers "6" and "9" are interchangeable

Steel Valve Tag Stamps | Wholesale Safety Labels

Beaded Chains

• For quick, permanent fastening of checks and tags • Easily closed by hand • Flexible for hard-to-fasten places • Available in 4 1/2" nickel or brass plated or 6" brass plated • 100/pkg

Beaded Chains for Valve Tags | Wholesale Safety Labels

Lead Security Seals & Sealing Presses

• Provides security in a wide variety of situations • Slip twisted wire through the hole in lead seal disc and crush with sealing press • Can't be opened or tampered with, without detection • 7/16" diameter lead seals with 10" two-ply annealed steel wires • Lead sealing press comes with two blank dies

Lead Security Seals and Press for Valve Tags | Wholesale Safety Labels
Seals | Wholesale Safety Labels

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