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Industrial Wipers & Dispensers

Centre-Pull Industrial Wipers & Dispensers

• Centre pull wipes are easy to access and use • Large capacity means fewer refills and lower maintenance costs • Extra strong, low lint and absorbent

• Top performance, long-lasting • Ideal for oil, grease, and solvents • Superior absorbent material is ideal for all industrial, maintenance, and manufacturing applications

• Withstands any cleaning application.  Available optional rugged large format dispenser

Centre-Pull Industrial Wipers & Dispensers | Wholesale Safety Labels

Tork® Performance Centrefeed Wipers / Dispenser

Construction: High impact plastic • Offers high capacity; ideal for high traffic environments • Hygienic • No cross-contamination, you only touch the towel you use

• One-hand dispensing is ideal for many environments like workshops and kitchens

Tork® 330 wipers • Wipers are soft and non-abrasive, providing protection to delicate surfaces • Wipers are solvent-resistant and long lasting, offering faster and more effective wiping • 100% synthetic and virgin fibres

Tork® Advanced 440 Wipers • High quality, provides optimum absorption of oil, grease and cutting fluids • 100% synthetic and virgin fibres.  Sold per case of 4 Rolls

Tork Industrial Wipers | Wholesale Safety Labels

Kimwipes® Specialty Wipers

• The industry standard for laboratory wipers for over 60 years • Wipers are ideal for light-duty tasks in laboratory environments • Market leader for wiping surfaces, parts, instruments and lens cleaning in laboratories • Will not scratch delicate surfaces when used wet • Multi-ply capacity for excellent absorption of large spills

Available in 2 Sizes and sold in Cases of 10 Boxes.

Kimwipes® Specialty Wipers | Wholesale Safety Labels

Kimtech Prep® Kimtex® Wipers

• Low-lint polypropylene construction • From preparing surfaces for painting to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in healthcare facilities

• For critical tasks in healthcare and clean manufacturing environments

• Perfect for use with grease and oils • Acid-base and solvent-resistant.  

Available in 2 Sizes and sold by the case

Other Styles Available.  Call or Email your requirements.

Kimtech Prep® Kimtex® Wipers | Wholesale Safety Labels

Tork Shop Max® Wipers

• Tough on grease, grime and dirt and versatile enough to be an ideal everyday solution for general cleanup and spills • Highly absorbent and low linting

• Excellent replacement for cloth rags • Model JD480 features a special hygienic micro emulsion formula that makes it tough on dirt and gentle on skin

• Silicone dispenser with re-sealable lid keeps wipers from drying out, helps in portion control for both models JD480 and JD481

Tork Shop Max® Wipers | Wholesale Safety Labels

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