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Semi and Automated AED

ZOLL®'s Semi Automatic AED Plus® Defibrillator 

ZOLL®'s AED Plus® features Real CPR Help, a one-piece pair of electrodes, that is able to evaluate the efficiency of the CPR you are providing. The integrated metronome as well as the vocal and visual prompts help and assist the rescuer during the whole CPR process.; ZOLL® believes an AED should not just deliver a shock.

It should also help the rescuer provide high-quality CPR. 

Zoll AED

AED Plus® - Wall Cabinet with Alarm

  • Features a glass windowed door to allow visibility of your AED Plus® so that it is easy to find in an emergency situation

  • The 9" alarmed wall cabinet can hold the AED Plus® in a carrying case

AED Plus® - Wall Cabinet with Alarm | Wholesale Safety Labels

Difibtech Lifeline VIEW AED

The Lifeline VIEW is the first and only one that shows you--with video in full-motion color. With award-winning design, durability and easy maintenance - backed by the Defibtech commitment to innovation and excellence - we can guarantee you've never seen an AED like this before.  

Lifeline View, Plus: 2nd Set of Electrodes, Carry Bag, Wall mount bracket, Prep Kit, AED Equipped’ decals.

Difibtech Lifeline VIEW AED | Wholesale Safety Labels

Zoll Fully Automatic AED Plus® Defibrillator

Shock delivered automatically - no rescuer interaction required. Real CPR Help® technology in ZOLL's CPR-D-padz® provides assistance to rescuers with real-time feedback on CPR compression depth and rate.  

ZOLL's one-piece CPR-D-padz® eliminate the confusion of affixing two separate electrode pads to the chest.  Configurable automatic self-tests evaluate device functionality every 1 to 7 days.  ZOLL's AED Plus® offers the simplicity of using consumer lithium batteries



Zoll Automatic AED

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