Lockout Kits & Lock Boxes

Safety Lockout Kits

Safety lockout carrying case keeps important lockout devices and padlocks together

Personal kits are for the individual worker; padlocks supplied are keyed-alike for added worker convenience.

Kits include high-use components, satisfying most applications

  • Electrical Kit Contains:

  • 3 Zenex Padlocks, keyed alike.  1 Portable safety carrying case

  • 1 Breaker switch padlock.  1 Hasp, 1 Snap-on hasp

  • 3 Circuit breaker lockouts Small, 2 Circuit breaker lockouts Large.

  • 1 Wall switch cover, 12 "DO NOT OPERATE" tags


  • Group kits are for multiple workers; padlocks supplied are keyed-different, so that no unwanted key interchange occurs

  • Include permanent write-on labels (English, French and Spanish) that allow instant on-site customization for each worker

  • KIT CONTAINS: 6 Padlocks. 1 Portable safety organizer, 2 Breaker switch padlocks, 1 Hasp, 1 Snap-on hasp, 1 Adjustable cable lockout, 1 Plug cover lockout, 1 Plug cover lockout,  4 gate valve cover, 2 Ball valve covers, 6 Circuit breaker lockouts, 3 Circuit breaker lockouts , 2 Wall switch covers,  24 "DO NOT OPERATE" tags 

Electrical Kit

Master Lock Electrical Kit | Wholesale Safety Labels

Group Electrical & Valve Kit

Master Lock Group Electrical & Valve Kit | Wholesale Safety Labels

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