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Specialty First Aid Kits

Wholesale Safety Labels has access to a complete line of Regulation First Aid kits and products. 

If you don't see the category you require, please call or email us for a free quote.  

Occupational first aid kits meet regulations required by federal, provincial and territorial jurisdictions.

For more information regarding federal and provincial first aid regulations, please visit the websites listed.  Regulations change on a continuing basis. Requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and are dependent on a number of factors including (but not limited to):

• Maximum number of employees at the work site (or per shift)

• Location of the place of employment/industry

• Type of industry and potential hazards

• Proximity or travel time to a medical facility

Ontario Workplace First Aid Kits

• Comprehensive first aid kit contains supplies for treating common injuries, wounds and burns.

• Includes waterless hand cleaner, foil rescue blanket, CPR protective device, first aid and CPR reference guide, first aid ointment and spray, burn care; as well as an assortment of bandages, dressings and splints.

• Deluxe first aid kit contains additional recommended supplies

for treating common injuries, wounds and burns.

Ontario Office Standard First Aid Kits

• Ideal for treating injuries that may occur in an office setting.

• Contains a full assortment of practical, single-use, disposable

products to treat injuries in a sanitary way.

• Includes personal protective devices to help reduce the

transmission of communicable illnesses and diseases.


Trauma & Crisis First Aid Kits

• Features a comprehensive assortment of first aid and emergency rescue supplies for quick response to minor and major medical emergencies • Suitable for emergency rescue personnel, police, fire fighters, paramedics, first aiders, lifeguards, nurses and ski patrol personnel • Deluxe kit contains all the features of the standard kit plus additional supplies to deal with more serious injuries

Burnfree® Burn Kits

• Kit contains an assortment of Burnfree® gel, Burnfree® dressings and conform bandages.

• Burnfree® products are for use on all burns.

• The Burnfree® solution relieves pain by cooling the burn injury,

stopping the burning process and minimizing the depth of the burn wound

• Products are sterile, non-toxic, non-irritating, bacteriostatic and do not contain any fats or greases.

Essential component for any facility with food prepartion areas.

Large:  16-Unit Plastic Box

Welders' First Aid Kits

• For quick response to emergencies caused by flash burns and sparks from welding equipment • Contains an assortment of products for immediate care and relief of pain to the skin and eye areas

Wholesale Safety Labels - Regulatory First Aid Kits
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Trauma & Crisis First Aid Kits | Wholesale Safety Labels
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Welders' First Aid Kits | Wholesale Safety Labels

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