Entrance Mats

Mat Tech Wipers - Proluxe™

• Removes excess water and dirt particles from footwear

• Moisture and dust is absorbed into the bottom of

the mat, leaving the top mat surface relatively dry

• Water and dirt particles stay on the mat

not on expensive floors and carpets

• 5/16" thick

• Other sizes and colors available

Super Drying Olefin Fibre Mat

Offered in our most popular Colours, Charcoal and Brown Custom Sizes Available:  Call or email for a free quote.



Wiper/Scrapers - Super-Soaker Waffle Pattern

• Super-Soaker is the most reliable wiper/scraper for demanding environments

• Non-skid nib backing will effectively grip mat to the floor

• Crush-proof waffle pattern will maintain appearance

and performance, extending mat's life

• Elevated construction will scrape shoes and hold

dirt beneath shoe level, while wiping moisture

• Thickness: 3/8"

• Other colours and sizes available

Most popular colours are Charcoal and Walnut.

Mat Tech  Proluxe™ Entrance Mats  | Wholesale Safety Labels
Mat Tech Wiper/Scrapers - Super-Soaker Waffle Pattern Mats  | Wholesale Safety Labels

Scrapers - Heavy-Duty Multi-Guard

• High performance outdoor entrance mat

• Thousands of scraping fingers

powerfully remove dirt from sight

• Mat holds pounds of dirt between cleanings

• Beveled edges add no-trip safety

• 2500 rubber scrapers per square foot

• Shake or hose to clean

• 1/2" thick

• Colour: Black

Applications: Heavily

trafficked outdoor entrances

Scrapers - Heavy-Duty Multi-Guard  | Wholesale Safety Labels
Scrapers Mats  | Wholesale Safety Labels

Mat Tech Wiper/Scrapers - Chevron™

• The decorative Chevron V-pattern enables this mat to perform well in multi-directional traffic areas

• The premium vinyl backing guarantees against water penetration • 50% recycled surface

• Fibres are resistant to ice melts, salts, chlorine, petroleum products, caustic soda as well as mould and mildew

• Recommended for low to moderate traffic areas

• 5/16" thick and available in 5 sizes in either Charcoal or Brown


Mat Tech Wiper/Scrapers - Chevron™  | Wholesale Safety Labels

Wiper/Scrapers - Waterhog Fashion

• Unique ridged construction effectively removes and traps dirt and moisture

• Exclusive rubber-reinforced face nubs prevent pile from crushing, extending product life

• Anti-static 100% premium polypropylene fibre system

• Highly durable, makes it the perfect choice for indoor or outdoor applications • Gripper rubber backing minimizes movement

• Exclusive "water dam" traps dirt and water so they stay in the mat and off of your floor-minimizing slip hazards and floor damage around the perimeter of the mat • Attractive fabric border • Fabric dries quickly; will not fade or rot

• Can easily be vacuumed or hosed off • 3/8" thick

• Available in Charcoal or Grey in 5 popular sizes

Note:  We have access to all Andersen WATERHOG Mats.  

Email us your requirements for a Free Quote.



Waterhog Fashion Mats  | Wholesale Safety Labels

Wiper/Scrapers - Ecoplus 


• 100% recycled surface, 20% recycled backing

• Non-skid nib backing will effectively grip mat to the floor

• Crush-proof "V" pattern will maintain appearance and performance

• Elevated construction will scrape shoes and hold dirt beneath shoe level, while wiping moisture

• For best results and similar colours, use in combination with our Eco-Step wiper mat

Other sizes and colours available

Sold in our most popular sizes:  3 x 5, 3 x 10, 4 x 6, 4 x 10 feet dimensions in Charcoal and Walnut

Wiper/Scrapers - Ecoplus  | Wholesale Safety Labels

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