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GHS Pictogram Signs

GHS Pictogram Signs are an excellent way to warn employees about the chemical risks that they are dealing with.  As part of GHS requirements, each sign consists of a Pictogram Symbol on a white background and framed with a Red border.  GHS symbols are recognized internationally and help everyone understand the specific risks each chemical poses.  Our  8" x 8" GHS Signs are made with a Glossy Polyester Material that was made specifically to meet and exceed all GHS requirments for durability and chemical and weather resistance.  Our Pigment inks are imbedded into the Polyester Material so our GHS Signs are scratch resistant and can withstand oil, chemical, and wet conditions.  GHS Signs are perfect for chemical storage cabinets and for large chemical storage containers.  If larger signs are required, we now offer GHS Pictogram Signs in Outdoor Vinyl.  These signs measure 10-3/4" x 10-3/4".


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GHS Oxidizing


GHS Explosive Signs


GHS Flammable Signs

Compressed Gas

GHS Compressed Gas Signs


GHS Corrosive Signs

Health Hazard

GHS Health Hazard Signs

Harmful / Irritant

GHS Harmful Irritant Signs
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Dangerous for the Environment

To order:

Specify Pictogram and Quantity. 

Each Pictogram Sign measures 8" x 8" in Polyester and 10-3/4" x 10-3/4" in Outdoor  Grade Vinyl.  Price: $18.00 / Small Sign and $20.00 for Large Signs.


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