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Bradley Eyewash Stations

Emergency Eyewash Stations

On-Site® Gravity-Fed Eyewash Stations

• Ideal for locations where a plumbed water source is not available

• High-visibility yellow, moulded pedestal and tank

• Transparent tank allows solution level to be checked easily

• Hinged eyewash tray activates in one quick motion

• Stainless steel clamps secure the tank during transport

• Vandal-resistant unit: foreign objects cannot be introduced

into tank because all openings are sealed once the tank is installed

• One of the lightest portable eyewashes on the market

• SEI certified to ANSI standard Z358.1-2009

• Includes wall bracket (can also deck mount)


Bradley On-Site® Gravity-Fed Eyewash Stations | Wholesale Safety Labels

Mfg.  No.                  Description                                       Wt./lbs.          Price/Each               

S19-921             Gravity-Fed Eyewash                                    23                   $395.00

S19-921H     Gravity-Fed Eyewash w/Heater Jacket                25                   2220.00

S19-399                      Waste Cart                                          28                    465.00

S19-865     Water Preservative, Four 8-oz. Bottles                  3                      38.00



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Wall Mount Eyewash Stations

  • Features antimicrobial protection, integral strainers and rugged safety-yellow powder coating for easy visual identification in an emergency

  • Aquaduct self-draining design eliminates bacteria growth from standing fluid.  Activate by push handle

  • Stainless steel construction is ideal for corrosive, high abuse environments

  • Wheelchair accessible.  Arrives fully assembled

  • ULC certified to ANSI standard Z358.1-2009

Bradley Wall Mount Eyewash Stations | Wholesale Safety Labels

To order:  (Click on the Below Photos)

NOTE:  We now offer all Bradley Eyewash Stations.  If you need another style, please call for a free quote.

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