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Saline Eyewash Wall Stations• Holds bottle firmly in place while allowingeasy access in an emergency• Mounts to wall with provided screws• Integral overhand protects bottlesfrom dust and debris• Durable plastic is easy to clean• Simple, highly visible operating instructionsare provided on each unit• Bottle contains a buffered saline solution that is sterileand superior to tap water for emergency eye care• Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) bottle is tamper resistant, andmaintains the sterility and integrity of the eyewash• Delivers drops or an irrigating stream ofsolution, depending on the squeezepressure applied to the bottle• Trilingual instructions(English, French and Spanish)• Does not meet ANSI standard Z358.1-200915-minute flushing requirement

Eyewash - Saline Eyewash Station - 4 Styles

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