Tork® Performance Centerfeed Wiper Dispensers
•	 Construction: High impact plastic
•	 Offers high capacity; ideal for high traffic environments
•	 Hygienic
•	 No cross-contamination, you only touch the towel you use
•	 One-hand dispensing is ideal for many environments like workshops and kitchens
Tork® 330 wipers Sold per pack of 4 Rolls
•	 Wipers are soft and non-abrasive, providing protection to delicate surfaces
•	 Wipers are solvent-resistant and long lasting, offering faster and more effective wiping
•	 100% synthetic and virgin fibres
Mfg. No. 130251A, Colour White 2ply  9" W  x 15.5" L,  325 Wipers / Roll, 4 Rolls/Case
Tork® Advanced 440 Wipers Sold per pack of 4 Rolls
•	 High quality, provides optimum absorption of oil, grease and cutting fluids
•	 100% synthetic and virgin fibres
Mfg. No. 132425101A, Colour Blue 4 ply  10" W  x 157.5" L,  190 Wipers / Roll, 4 Rolls/Case

Industrial Wipers - Tork® Performance Wipers/Disp.

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