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3M DBI Sala Construction Roofer's Kit

• Reusable roof anchor installs to sloped or flat wood and metal decking roofs, resists corrosion, includes a hinged design with D-Ring • Durable and lightweight corrosion resistant rope grab with attached 2ft shock absorber; includes a built in gravity latch for added security • 50ft polyester/polypropylene 5/8" lifeline with Snap hook at one end, sewn termination at the other end • Kit specifications: 100% durable and lightweight polyester, vest style 5-point harness • Harness Capacity: 310 lbs. • Harness Size: Universal • Harness approval: CSA • Roof Anchor Capacity: 310 lbs. • Roof Anchor Approval: ANSI • Rope Grab Capacity: 310 lbs. • Rope Grab Approval: CSA • Lifeline Approval : CSA

3M DBI Sala Construction Roofer's Kit - Mfg. No. 2199910

SKU: 2199910
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