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Quick-Connects for Welding Equipment
Western's Quick-Connects provide fast, reliable and positive connections and quick disconnections for torches, hoses and regulators. All models are color-coded for gas service for added safety (oxygen/green, fuel gas/red, inert gas/blue). Oxy/fuel gas models include integral reverse flow Check Valves. Quick-Connects fit all B-size welding and cutting equipment
• Brass construction provides long service life– cycle tested over
10 000 operations indicating a service life of 10 to 12 years of comparable use
• Non-interchangeable Oxygen and Fuel Gas connectors prevent accidental gas mixing
• Instant closure on reverse flow Check Valves with total shutoff at only 10 oz. of back pressure
• Exceed CGA flow specifications–1100 SCFH flow at 125 PSIG inlet pressure and 800 SCFH flow at 125 PSIG
inlet pressure when 2 additional check valves are used in conjunction with the Quick-Connects
• Spring loaded locking mechanism

Western's Quick-Connect Welding Sets

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